Mike Keeler appointed to Main Street Commission

Janet Perry, Central City.  Central City’s new Mayor Heider opened up the February 21, 2017 Alderman Meeting at 7:00 p.m. in the Gilpin County Courthouse. Alderman Laratta and Alderman Aiken were present.  City Manager Miera, Attorney McAskin, City Clerk Bechtel, Finance Director Adame, Community Development Director Rears, Public Works Director Hoover, Fire Chief Allen, Utilities Director Nelson and GCSO Captain Ihme were present as well. Alderman Voorhies was absent.

Alderman Aiken then made a motion to go into Executive Session, “to discuss specific legal questions regarding the statutory process to exclude property from the boundaries of a business improvement district and to discuss specific legal questions regarding the Central City Building Authority.” The motion carried.  The Regular Alderman Meeting was reconvened at 7:28 p.m. by the Mayor.

During the Public Forum part of the meeting, Joe Behm, of the CCBID, spoke against Resolution No. 17-07 regarding the Petition for Exclusion. “The CCBID  is questioning the Council’s ability to approve an Exclusion without prior review from the CCBID and a Public Hearing. The properties shown are already tax exempt.”

Gilpin Historical Society President Deb Wray gave the Annual Report, and said that in 2016, they operated the Gilpin History Museum, the Coeur d’Alene Mine Shaft House Museum, and led tours of the Teller House, Opera House and Thomas House from the Tour Office in Washington Hall.  She described events, the importance of city funding and said that the Gilpin Historical Society continues to explore options for becoming more self-sustaining in the future so that we do not need to rely on city funding.

Mike Keeler was appointed to the Main Street Commission.

Resolution No. 17-06 proposed amending the boundaries of the Creative District and supporting an application to the State of Colorado Creative Industries Division to be recognized as a State-Certified Creative District.  CDD Rears explained that the proposed resolution would help collaboratively grow the economy of Central City, highlighting and capitalizing on the existing artistic and cultural assets of the community.  The resolution passed unanimously.

Resolution No. 17-07 proposed authorizing the City manager to execute a Petition for Exclusion of property from the Central City Business Improvement District.  City Manager Miera noted that City staff saw no need to table this item as requested by Joe Behm, because the proposed resolution doesn’t include a petition for exclusion and that any future petitions would involve a public hearing.  The motion then passed unanimously.

Next, Resolution No. 17-08 was approved, conditionally approving an Easement Agreement with Verizon Wireless for electrical service to 2189 East Idaho Springs Road.

The annual renewal of a casino marketing fee was approved with Resolution no. 17-09.

Ordinance No. 17 – 01 was passed, clarifying the role of the city and home-owners with the new water meters.

Resolution No. 17-10 passed, authorizing the City Council to appoint new Directors to the Central City Building Authority Board of Directors.

During reports, Public Works Director Hoover explained that the parking isn’t safe enough for handicap parking, where they had planned to designate a handicapped parking spot on Pine Street.  Council directed staff to seek out viable handicapped parking options throughout the city and to bring a report back to council.

Alderman Laratta thanked Staff for updating items, such as who owns City Hall.

During the closing public forum, several residents asked that certain lights be dimmed at night.


The mayor closed the meeting at 8:54 p.m. and the next meeting will take place on March 7th at 7:00 PM.