January Nederland Police

On Jan. 9, the Nederland Police Department received a report of shoplifting at a local shop. According to the witness three white males and one white female left the store and the clerk saw the woman take several pieces of jewelry.  Boulder County Sheriff’s deputies arrived and found the woman sitting in a Toyota in front of the store. The woman was intoxicated and non-compliant.

The clerk reported that the foursome had come in and looked around. One of the men bought a beaded necklace and the woman was looking at the counter containing rings and necklaces. She dropped one of the rings and the clerk picked it up. Moments later, the group left and the clerk noticed several rings and necklaces missing. The items were worth more than $100.

The officers talked to the female and found one of the stolen rings on her finger. The other stolen items were in her jacket. She was arrested and transported to the NPD. The woman said she was homeless and didn’t know her phone number. She said she had consumed two liters of vodka. She said one of the men had taken the items and then admitted she took them and that she would take the fall. When asked why she took the jewelry she said her finger was broken. The officer called for an ambulance and issued a summons for theft. She left with the medics.

On Jan. 9, after receiving a report of a burglary, the responding officer was told that suspects were leaving in a white SUV and a dark Subaru. The officer talked to the victim who said a female and her boyfriend had entered the apartment and argued with the tenant saying her boyfriend was not allowed to be there because he didn’t pay rent. She said she was having trouble finding another tenant to rent the old room.

On Jan. 30 the female asked for a civil standby while she collected items from the room she had moved out of. She was working with the landlord on paying the balance of the lease.  She said she received a protection order and knew a law enforcement officer had to be present while she retrieved her belongings.

The officer decided that there was not probable cause of a burglary, that it appeared to be more of a roommates argument. The woman complained that the officer never asked for her side of the story and was told he didn’t need to because there was no crime.

On Jan. 11, a Nederland business owner reported a theft. Sometime between 6:30 p.m. on Jan. 9 and 9 a.m. on Jan. 11, about $470 was taken from the cash register. There were no signs of forced entry or tampering with the front door. There is no back door.  A set of keys was unaccounted for. The business owner named a juvenile who might be the suspect.

It was a snowy day and the juvenile rode the bus to the business to hang out. At one point, the juvenile was left alone for a few minutes. The juvenile told the officer that she had taken a large amount of money from her pocket to pay for snacks, about $35 worth. The officer was told, by another juvenile, the juvenile said she was allowed to ‘borrow’ money from the cash register as long as it was paid back. The suspect also referred to herself as ‘an expensive kid”, saying that she received $20 a day spending money and still had money from Christmas. There was not enough physical evidence to charge anyone at the time. The officer advised the store owners to make some security changes.

On  Jan. 11, the store owner reports that he was verbally threatened by the father of the juvenile at a local music venue. The store owner just wanted the man to be warned not to continue his behavior. No criminal charges are pending at this time.

Barbara Lawlor

Barbara is a reporter for The Mountain-Ear.