Health care available

Dear Editors and Readers,

I have lived in Gilpin County for 12 years and have owned The Shop in Nederland since 2013. I also work at Clinica Family Health People’s Clinic in Boulder. I am happy to say I have worked for People’s since 2010.

I am deeply saddened by the problems that our community is having with retaining reliable health care up here. This challenges us to the core. We need reliable and affordable health care available to us.

I recognize that it can be a challenge to have to rely on Boulder for our healthcare but I am happy to offer People’s as an alternative. We are accepting new patients. Medicaid is welcome. There is no waiting list. As the community works thru this problem please know that People’s is happy to be an alternative for mountain folks to consider.

We provide compassionate comprehensive care to our patients. In my position at the clinic I can offer a variety of alternatives, such as group visits. I can arrange well child groups at a time convenient for parents. This would allow mountain parents to car pool and have their child visits in a group setting.

Advantages of group visits include increased time for patient education, more active parental participation, greater time for the physician to observe parents and their children, and more reassurance for parents that they and their children are normal. Parents and children are together in one room while the kids are being seen by a dental hygienist and a case manager, and then each parent and child is seen by the provider individually. We provide simple activities for the kids that are helpful in occupying them as they are waiting while providing parents with assistance or resources as needed.  This works very well with sibling groups. Everybody gets seen in one visit!

We also have adult group visits for chronic issues including pain management, diabetes, pregnancy and parenting. We have just started offering a healthy living group that has been well received in the community.

I encourage anyone that has questions or concerns to contact me at 720-565-4127. I am happy to help.


Claudia Schauffler
Clinic Operations Manager
People’s Clinic