Alpine girls third in GS

Barbara Lawlor, Nederland.     The Nederland High School Alpine and Nordic ski teams traveled to Steamboat Springs last weekend to participate in the Colorado High School Ski League Championships. Alpine skiers competed in both slalom and giant slalom events and Nordic skiers hit the trails racing both skate and classic courses.

The combined Nordic and Alpine boys’ team took eighth place overall and the girls team took 10th place.

Out of 14 teams, the Nederland boys’ giant slalom team placed seventh. The racers all qualified to compete in the state competition in meets that took place during the season.



Places and times:
16. Ghayur Charles  1:46.81
25. Campbell Trig  1:48.00
30. McDermott John 1:50.70
34. Bailey Roland  1:52.01
38. Lantz Talus 1:52.69
39.  Nesmith Bryce  1:52.77
45.  Irwin Alex  1:54.77
49.  Stone Ceclan   1:56.53
60.  Irvin Lucas  1:59.90
63.  Skilbred Cole  2:00.65
66.  Wood Christian  2:01.52
69.   Lantz Kale  2:11.17

The Nederland girls’ giant slalom team placed third of 14 teams.
Places and times:
17.  Pratt Delaney  1:53.86
24.  Donohue Cassidy 1:55.32
28.  Platt Natalie    1:57.00
48.  Colton Eve * 2:02.00
67.  Folwell Taylor  2:12.98



Panther boys’ came in eighth place out of 14 teams in the slalom competition.



Places and times:
17.  Lantz Talus  1:41.92
32.  Irwin Alex  1:50.81
35.  Mueller Adler   1:52.42
36.  Titus Reece   1:52.50
41.  Nesmith Cameron Lu 1:54.38
42.  McDermott John  1:55.17
43.  Lantz Kale  1:55.92 (43)
50.  Skilbred Cole   2:00.17
58.  Stone Declan  2:04.42



The Ned girls claimed fifth place out of 14 in the slalom race. Three Panthers qualified for the meet and all of them came up with points to add to the team scores.

Place and times:
9.   Pratt Delaney   1:41.01
16.  Platt Natalie   1:48.39
47.   Folwell Taylor   2:02.03

The Nederland Nordic girls ski team came in 10th of 12 teams in the classic race.


20. Sarah Davidson, 21:01
62. Eve Colton, 26:48
63. Megan Feeley, 27:02
The Nederland boys classic Nordic team came in 9 of 13 teams.
36. Scout Edmondson, 19:13
40. Adler Mueller, 19:26
49. Bryce Nichols, 19:42
63. Adam Figgins, 20:25

In the 5k skate competition at the Steamboat Springs Touring Center, Sarah Davidson, representing the Nederland ski team, came in 24the place with a time of 19:22.04. She came in 27 All-State in the classic and 21st in the skate All-State.
The Ned boys Nordic skate team came in 8 of 13 teams. All-State Skiers, cumulative points earned over the entire season, included Bryce Nichols, 32nd in the Classic and Adler Mueller, 45th in the Skate and 38th in the Classic; and Scout Edmondson, 32nd in the Skate and 40th in the Classic.

Places and Times:
47. Adler Mueller, 18:15.44
57. Bryce Nicols, 18:44.32
62. Scout Edmondson, 18:55.88

In the Skimeister category, which totals all four alpine and Nordic ski disciplines, Scout Edmondson came in third place and Reece Titus came in 12th place.

Barbara Lawlor

Barbara is a reporter for The Mountain-Ear.