Where the sun don’t shine

Dear Editor,

When I received the most recent publication (Jan 26th) of the Mountain Ear and read the article by the ME columnist Mark Cohen titled “Love does not conquer all” I was both disappointed and aghast by the degree of pure angst and hatred that seethed from his ramblings.  Maybe unlike Mr. Cohen, I can truly say I have friends on both sides of the political aisle as I generally respect their opinions and feelings and we discuss them openly and mostly in a respectful manner, sometimes simply “agreeing to disagree”.


To write several paragraphs of nothing but hate filled opinions about republications in general and their GOP leaders and then furthermore to encourage other ME readers to join his bandwagon advocating that they start employing actions which most would describe as harassing and demeaning tactics is simply a waste of paper and ink.  Oh by the way, the Vietnam War hardly ended just because of “noisy folks outside of Nixon’s bedroom window” but that’s a whole different story.

While everyone has the right to “sing loud” it will certainly not “end war,” and “fighting fire with fire” and “going for the throat” are words full of hatred.


Ironically, I agree with Mr. Cohen on his statement that “hate harms your body!”   If we all conducted ourselves in the fashion which Mr. Cohen is imploring ME readers to do it would quickly escalate, for some, way past legal protest and into acts of actual physical violence and rioting.  We have all seen enough of that over the last several years!  While Mr. Cohen has a right to his rose-colored-glasses opinions, it would seem his most recent column really belongs in the “letter to the editor” section and not in a regular monthly column for the ME.

Over the years, I have come to love and appreciate the Nederland community in large part through the writings, stories, and pictures shared each week by the excellent work of ME staff such as Barb Lawlor, but when I see articles like Mr. Cohen’s it concerns me greatly that such hate and contempt can be tolerated by a regular columnist in an otherwise non-radical publication.


Furthermore, Mr. Cohen’s cold and pointless insult on the intelligence of those that just might believe the world was created 5,000 years ago is only further proof of Mr. Cohen’s “better than thou” attitude toward people who don’t believe exactly like he does.  Who exactly is lacking intelligence? Was that statement intended to be a blind swipe at some Christians and Jews?

My advice to Mr. Cohen is to simply “take a chill pill”.  The world is hardly a perfect place and while we can let political differences and ideals fill our bodies with hate and malice as his article suggests, the better approach would be to show some professional regard and yes, “love” to those you disagree with, because if we don’t we will simply fall into the pit “where the sun don’t shine.”

Gary Morgan
Shawnee, KS