Try kindness, support and, yes, love

Dear Editor,

I would like to submit the following response to LOVE DOES NOT CONQUER ALL letter published in your January 26, 2017 Mountain Ear.
This is a response to Mark Cohen’s letter titled “Love Does Not Conquer All” in the Mountain Ear dated January 26, 2017.

You, Mark, should be ashamed of yourself.  You are, though you deny it, inciting hate and violence.

Evidently you are a veteran.  Thank you for your service. But now are you an American first or a democrat first?  Guess we know the answer.  Or are you just a sore loser?

You mentioned “dirty politics”.  What about the people who were paid by the Democratic Party to disrupt the Republican rallies?  No such riots happened at the Democratic rallies, or did you not notice?

It’s people like you who are leaders in a community who cause people to riot and be destructive.  Here is a new concept.  Try kindness, support, and, yes, love.  Anger solves nothing and gets you nowhere.

If you want “to do something for your country”, try encouraging “a positive attitude” and showing respect for others who may have a different opinion.  And, by the way, it “is personal” to mock or demonize anyone!

If Trump fails, it won’t be for not “trying”.  It will be because of people like you who refuse to at least give him a chance.


Linda & Larry Maurer