Support of Coach Jones

Dear Nederland Middle Senior High and the BVSD school board,

My name is Barbara Wein.   After recently learning about the dismissal of Aaron Jones, my mood immediately plummeted.  I attended Nederland schools from preschool thru eighth grade,  the majority of my education so far.  Being such a tight community, I knew of Mr. Jones as one of the schools most beloved teachers years before he taught me.   My brother had been one of his students and players on the football team.  His partner Danielle had even been my babysitter.  Before taking L.A.  8 two years ago I had no special passion for or  much enjoyment from writing.  Though, when I took Mr. Jones class in 8th grade, he taught me how to bring real passion and voice to my writing, how to write for me and not for the grade.  I learned to actually like writing.  Since taking his class, I have not received a final grade lower than a high A in the two PIB L.A.  classes that I have taken  at Fairview High School.  In my case and in my opinion, that shows success in teaching on the part of Mr. Jones.

While I understand how the idea of him being too “laid back” could seem to show merit from an outside view, I would have to disagree.  His relatively laissez-faire way of teaching allowed his students a comfortable environment in which to really blossom.   This casual comfort also allowed him to develop genuine relationships with his students and enabled him to become  a true role model and a leader.  When I heard about the community’s outrage over  his firing, I was not surprised.   Though next to all this uproar  my letter may seem like white noise, I hope that someone is able to read this and realize what Mr. Jones really brought to Nederland and his students.

Thank you,


Barbara (Baeli) Wein
Peak to Peak