Panther girls improve weekly

Barbara Lawlor, Nederland.  Although the Nederland girls’ basketball team lost their last two games, the six players put up a great battle in each of them, showing how much they have improved in both skills and teamwork.

They traveled to Alexander Dawson on Tuesday, January 31, 2017, where they lost to the Mustangs, 27-43, playing hard the whole game. Karen Sorokach was the team leader with a double double: scoring 16 points and grabbing 13 rebounds.  She also was hot on defense, coming up with six blocks. The girls now have a 1-10 record. They are stellar examples of sportsmanship and  determination.


Period Scores:
6-10 7-12 6-14 8-7


Individual Statistics:
Helen Cross, freshman: 1 rebound
Linnaea Thibedeau, junior: 4 points, 6 rebounds, 1 assist, 2 steals, 5 blocks
Breegan McClish, sophomore: 3 points, 6 rebounds, 1 steal
Lili Lindstrom, freshman: 2 points, 5 rebounds, 2 assists, 1 steal
Karen Sorokach, junior: 16 points, 13 rebounds, 2 assists, 2 steals, 6 blocks
Avy Henrikson, sophomore: 8 rebounds, 1 assist, 1 steal, 1 block
Alex Sorokach, freshman: 2 points, 3 rebounds, 2 assists, 1 block

On Thursday, the Panthers traveled to Gilpin County where their hosts, the Gilpin Eagles, were victorious 33-18. Linnaea Thibedeau flew around the court and under the basket, fighting for 13 rebounds. At halftime, they were only four points down, playing competitively. They do not give up and with no seniors to say goodbye to, these girls will be a force on the court next year.


Period Scores:
6-2 5-5 9-3 13-8


Individual Statistics:
Helen Cross, freshman: 2 points, 5 rebounds
Linnaea Thibedeau, junior: 3 points: 13 rebounds, 3 steals, 2 blocks
Breegan McClish, sophomore: 4 rebounds, 1 assist, 4 steals, 1 block
Lili Lindstrom, freshman: 5 points, 1 block
Karen Sorokach, junior: 8 points, 10 rebounds, 1 assist, 2 steals, 3 blocks
Alex Sorokach, freshman: 5 rebounds, 1 assist, 1 steal


Barbara Lawlor

Barbara is a reporter for The Mountain-Ear.