Is your passport ready to travel?

Don’t Get Stranded. Important Info You Should Know.

Kerri Aungst, Peak to Peak. Do you own a U.S Passport? Renew It Now! This is the message from many Travel Tour Companies and the State Department. Back in 2007 it was required for U.S Citizens to get a passport to travel out of the Country. But now all those passports are going to expire in the next couple years, causing a possible backlog and maybe some delays. But they say they are ready. Avoid the rush says the State Department. Just a note: Its over 125 million at least, maybe more. plus don’t forget all the new people applying for passports.
U.S. Passports are only good for 10 years, For Children only 5 years. So check those expiration dates. If you need to renew, DO IT NOW!
Did you know most countries you may be travelling to, Do Not Except Any passports that are expiring within 6 months of travel. Sorry you will be denied boarding from the airlines at the gate causing major headaches for you. Your passport must be valid for at least 6 months or more beyond the travel date.
More important . . . In January 2018 The Real ID Act goes into effect. In some states you will be required to show and alternate ID, as in a military ID or a Passport. This will be for boarding Domestic U.S. flights and International flights. The TSA has started to warn people now.
So either get a passport now or get yours renewed a.s.a.p. That way you can avoid some major hassles in the years to come. How much is a passport? For a new one $135 Most can renew passports by mail for $110. For Children under the age of 16 $105. Prices are valid as of Jan 2017.

So my advice to you is get your passport ready to travel. For more info please go to

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