Hateful letter?

Dear Editor,

Mr Cohen’s recent letter to Editor qualifies as one of the most hateful that I have  seen.  He mentioned Republicans taking advantage of the basic goodness of the Democrats, liberals, and progessives? There is nothing in his tirade that suggests “goodness.”

Mr Cohen must be unaware that WikiLeaks exposed the fact that DNC operatives were paid to disrupt Trump’s rallies by using violence.  Also, it was exposed that the DNC had paid  operatives to conduct fraudulent voter registrations.  More than 85% of the media are democrats, liberals, progressives and socialists, and their reporting is reflective of that association.

One of Mr Cohen’s statements about some smart Republicans are lawyers and doctors. The rest are stupid. Such ridiculous declarations on Cohen’s part are a disgrace to every law of human  decency.

The main reason the Democrats lost was their deeply flawed candidate, who put the nation at risk with her unlawful private server which  was proven to be hacked by the Russians and the Chinese, and she  lied about it repeatedly.
Republicans and Independents have lived through eight years of President Obama and President Clinton,  Democrats, liberals, and  progressives (socialists) can do the same for at least four years of President Trump.

Melvin Glerup
Pinecliffe, CO and San Tan Valley,  AZ