Gilpin Rec offers new hours

Jon Cain, Gilpin County.  Starting February 5, the Community Center will be open on Sundays! The Center will be open from 12-6, and the Pools will be open from 12-5:30. We are very excited about being able to expand our hours to offer more opportunities to use the Community Center.

In addition, on March 1, we will be going live with our new Recreation Management Software, Mindbody Online.


Mindbody is a cloud based management software designed to meet the modern needs of recreational and fitness facilities.


It will enhance our abilities to both more effectively manage the Community Center and provide for better communication and programming to our entire community.

We have used our previous management software for over 15 years, and over that time we have built a large database of both the programming here at the Community Center as well as the Patrons that use it. The upgrade and transfer to Mindbody will require us to completely update and modernize that database.

In addition to transferring our database, we are also looking to update our information about our clients. Our new software provides for a number of different ways to increase the communication between Community Center staff and patrons, and our front desk staff will be working to make sure that your information file has current and up to date information. As such, our Front Desk staff will be asking you to verify your information in the system as you check in. Once your information is verified, you will have the ability to update your information online, at any time, from any device. You will also soon have new abilities such as the ability to register for programs and memberships online.

Please be patient with us as we move through this process. It should result in a better experience for everyone using our facility. If you have questions, comments or concerns about this process, or our new Sunday hours, please contact us at (303)582-1453.