Dog farts!

Deb D’Andrea, Nederland.  As I sit here thinking about what my topic was going to be this week, a smell wafted over to me; oh that smell of dog farts! My Girls are typically pretty fart free; they eat very healthy meals and are not big farters; but every so often they’ll get into something and fart. A couple weeks ago, it was pretty funny as Sally farted and looked at her own butt in surprise, like what the heck was that – I totally broke up laughing!

There are many reasons why dogs fart. Farting is a normal process to release gas that accumulates in the intestinal tract and colon; and in most cases, it is not a sign of severe issues. What they eat is the main culprit; with low-quality ingredients in their food, random table scraps, and ground or trashcan scores; and for some dogs that are lactose intolerant, cheeses can trigger farts.

Tiki has food allergies and I’ve had to alter her food to figure out what she’s allergic to and then avoid those ingredients. For her, one ingredient she’s allergic to is flaxseed, something found in many dog foods. She was the main reason I mostly feed raw food.

Farts can also be triggered by some medications or may be symptomatic of a medical issue. Farts can also squeak out if your dog needs to go to the bathroom; so, when I hear (or smell) a fart, I always get everybody up for a trip outside just in case. Fortunately, this is a very rare occurrence.

Pet food is typically the first place one looks when determining what is causing your dog to fart. A review of the ingredients on the bag, box or canned food will help assess if it is a quality food or not. Ash, low quality proteins like ‘meal or meat-by-product,’ potato, wheat, cornmeal and corn are ingredients to avoid as they are low in nutritional value. Look to see if there are chemical preservatives which are also known to trigger allergies. Abby and Adam at the Nederland Feed & Pet Store are two great resources to talk to in determining the best food for your dog based on their age, activity level and breed.

I’ve always fed my Girls twice a day, once in the morning and late afternoon; which not only helps aid digestion, but helps ensure they don’t overeat or get hungry throughout the day, similar to the way we eat. After assessing the foods you’re feeding, if farting persists, a trip to the vet is in order to help ensure your dog’s good health as there may be something going on that requires medical attention.

Till next time. Deb D’Andrea, founder of 4TheLuvOfDogz & the Caribou Dog Ranch is recognized by the State of Colorado as a Certified Canine Massage Therapist and will visit your home or Vet’s office to work with your dog. Canine Agility may be offered at the Caribou Dog Ranch in 2017 if there is interest. Deb currently has limited availability for new Petz Nanny Clients; and she bakes up fresh dog treats & doggy birthday cakes per order.  For information contact Deb at 720-675-7078 or email:

Deb D'Andrea

Deb D’Andrea a columnist for The Mountain-Ear. She is the founder of 4TheLuvOfDogz which provides mobile Canine Massage, Canine Agility and Petz Nanny Services. Her home-made dog treats are sold at local stores, and 4TheLuvOfDogz K9Birthday Cakes are available direct. Deb Petz Nanny’s for dogs, cats, birds, fish, horses, etc. Contact Deb at 720-675-7078 or email. Online: 4TheLuvOfDogz