Accolades for letter

Dear Editor,
My wife and I have been reading your articles for some time in Ned’s paper. (We live between Boulder and Nederland.) Your last one, “Love does not conquer all,” was so true and so on target. Thanks for having the guts to write it.

Like you said, good Americans must become activists. These are dark times. I have been writing to local papers and the national media for some time.

I recently sent this email to the news departments of CNN, FOX, ABC, CBS, MSNC, etc etc.

Please get this correct. I hear many on CNN talk about Trump’s support by 46% of Americans. This is false.

54.4% of eligible voters voted in 2016. (Wikipedia)

46.1% voted for Trump. (Cook Report)

That means only 25% of eligible voters voted for Trump, one out of four Americans eligible to vote. In other words, seventy five per cent of eligible voters didn’t vote for him.

Keep up the good work Mark.


Richard Henrichs
Peak to Peak