A review of the Stage Stop

  Pine Apple, Rollinsville.  We braved cold icy roads in a blustering blizzard to partake in a few courses at the legendary Stage Stop in Rollinsville, just off Hwy 119.

Walls of wind-pushed snow marched across snow covered mountains and created a magnificent backdrop for one lone train, making its way across the train tracks westward, toward the historic Moffat Tunnel through a windswept open valley.

As we entered the restaurant, the smell of bacon and the sounds of rowdy locals appreciating a football game and clanging drinks lit the first floor alight. Every surface was made to be a display for art, acquired from places and persons near and far. The bartender, waitress, and chef were of the strong, young, working class type. Rock and roll was rushing through the speakers. The top floor had been reserved for a meeting. We picked our table and prepared for our feast.

We ordered the Jalapeno Poppers, which were fried very well and had, even by my own standards, enough cream cheese. We also ordered nachos and each had a non-alcoholic beverage. The appetizers were on the table by the time I returned from the restroom. As for the main courses, I ordered the NY Strip, extremely rare with chimichurri, waffle potato fries, and green beans topped with almonds. The others in my party tried the Veggie Sammich, which was served on a toasted hoagie with baked beans; and the Bacon-Cheese burger on Gluten-Free bread, medium rare, with potato salad.  The plates hit our table in 18 minutes.

Now most places, when I order an extremely rare, I get a plain rare. Not this time. It was PERFECT. The texture and flavor of the thick cut of steak blew me away. The very strong chimichurri sauce, which had a flavor and texture similar to wasabi was a nice touch and added quite a bite to both the steak and the green beans. My good friends had only pleasant opinions on their plates as well. Portion sizes were fair, with just a bit left to bring back in a to go box.

The silverware, plates, table and floors where we sat were clean. The temperature of the first floor was perfect, neither hot nor cold. The lighting was very bright. The chairs were at an adequate height for the table. The restroom was easy to find, clean, and well stocked, though the doors held fast by their own will alone.

We were delighted to finish off our meal with a bit of vanilla ice cream, then gather ourselves and prepare for the ride home as warm, full, happy mountain folk. The Stage Stop is a great place to gather, eat, and drink. I would absolutely go there again.

The Stage Stop is located at 60 Main St. Rollinsville, Colorado. Check out their website at http://www.stagestoprollinsville.com/ or follow them on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/StageStop1868/.