A New Doc in Town

Arwen Ek, Nederland.  For years, the Peak to Peak community has relied on one doctor – Dr. Camarata – to care for every fever, injury, and bothersome symptom that mountain folk can get. For the first time, we now have an alternative: Dr. Gregory Pais, ND.

Dr. Pais is a Naturopathic Doctor – which means he has gone through an equally rigorous medical training as a regular MD, or Medical Doctor, but with a focus on holistic and complementary treatments. Naturopathy differs from conventional medicine in that it considers all your symptoms as connected to an underlying imbalance, and it uses natural remedies (such as herbs and homeopathics) to correct that imbalance.

Dr. Pais uses “homeopathy, nutrition, lifestyle, hydrotherapy, herbs and physical medicine in a whole-person approach to body-mind systems.”

“A conventional Medical Doctor works in a flat-earth paradigm,” he told me, “to treat the part rather than the whole. A Naturopathic Doctor looks at the whole person, to get an integrated picture of their health and dis-ease.” One thing ND’s and MD’s do have in common, however, is the Hippocratic Oath: “Above all, do no harm.”

Dr. Pais has some history in Colorado – after receiving his degree in Naturopathy from the National University of Natural Medicine in 1992, he moved to Ft. Collins where he had a busy practice until 1998 when he moved to Pennsylvania. There, Dr. Pais and his wife, Phylleri, bought 14 acres that they developed into a large organic garden and orchard. They were founding members of a thriving sustainable agricultural movement and the first in that area to raise fiber animals organically.

Finally, he found his way back to Colorado to be closer to his two sons who live and work in Boulder. He now lives on 3 acres with 2 geodesic domes in Nederland, and is here to stay.

What is really noteworthy about having an experienced Naturopath in our midst, is the scope of his healing “toolbox”. He routinely treats ear infections and upper respiratory infections with hydrotherapy – the therapeutic use of hot and cold water. Physical medicine (which he has studied and practiced since 1974) is a multi-faceted approach to chronic pain using “deep tissue bodywork, structural integration, and naturopathic manipulation.”

He also believes that proper nutrition is foundational to optimum wellness, and uses homeopathic remedies as a gentle and deeply effective means of curing disease.

Dr. Pais is a full-service natural family practitioner, treating a wide range of complaints from cold and flu to chronic pain, from MS to cancer. In fact, he has a special interest in Holistic Oncology (cancer treatments), and can talk with you about preventing cancer, or if you’re already diagnosed, he can help you cope with the side effects of conventional treatments. Dr. Pais will talk with you about family history regarding cancer, and develop a treatment plan using nutrition, Chinese and western herbs and homeopathy to help each individual case.

“It’s important for conventional docs to know what I’m doing, and vice versa,” he says about working side-by-side with your regular doc. For example, MD’s can order diagnostics from hospitals that will be covered by insurance like a bone-density scan, then a patient has the discretion to share the results of testing with holistic practitioners if that patient wishes to pursue treatment options that do not involve surgery or prescription drugs.

Of course, there is a limit to what an ND can provide. Dr. Pais does not reduce dislocations or give stitches. “If you have a car accident, go to the ER and then come see me and I can help you heal faster.”


For many of the natural approaches that we use routinely – like herbs and supplements – we now have an indispensable resource right here. “Instead of going to Boulder, it’s right here in Ned. For mental, emotional and physical healing Naturopathy can make a big difference.” If you’re thinking, “there’s gotta be something else that can help me…” give Dr. Gregory Pais a call: (570) 974 – 9294 or e-mail: gpaisnd@whnow.com. His office is currently located behind Columbine Family Health at the Caribou Plaza in Nederland.