Winter Orchestra Concert

Barbara Lawlor, Nederland. The Nederland Middle Senior High School Winter Orchestra Concert was a brilliant mixture of traditional and modern pieces that spotlighted the talents of our school’s musicians.


The sixth grade orchestra, the middle level orchestra and the high school orchestra followed the fifth graders’ debut on the stage.

The Carol of the Bells and Greensleeves were performed perfectly by the high school orchestra, which is small but well tuned: Elenor Scott and Karen Sorokach on the violin; Oliver Vernon on the Mandolin; Sarie Lund on the Viola, Helen Cross and Alexandra Sorokach on the Cello and Karen Sorokach on the bass.

The Middle Level and high school combined orchestra presented a Boomwhacker Christmas which came as a surprise to the audience as well as the volunteers who took the risk of being involved in the number.

Eight members from the audience, including the NMSHS principal Carrie Yantzer, had the dubious privilege of playing the role of percussion instruments. Donning hardhats and cringing, they suffered the blows of styrofoam noodles carrying the rhythm of the tune.

It was an audience favorite as the volunteers’ facial expressions incited hilarity and cheers. This is a performance that should become a NMSHS tradition.

At the conclusion of the concert, the visiting fifth graders joined the other orchestras and all of the students delivered the splendid message: “Joy to the World.”

Barbara Lawlor

Barbara is a reporter for The Mountain-Ear.