Where hubris meets narcissism

Dear Editor,

In the recent press circus, oh, press conference, given by our president elect, Mr. Trump said he wouldn’t release his taxes.  Here’s what Trump said, “The public didn’t care, only the press did.  After all, I won.”  What an amazing ego.


Not true on two fronts.  First, the prima-Donald lost the general election popular vote by nearly 3%, over 2.8 million votes.  And we care.  Second, with the new release of potentially damaging dossier (unsubstantiated, but important enough to have all parties briefed on this by the top intelligence agencies) about Trump’s romp with the Miss Universe pageant in Moscow, who knows what this fool did that Putin now has as leverage against him.  We need him to come clean.

Recently multiple ethics lawyers and experts have come forward to say that Trump’s supposed arms-length relationship with his vast real estate empire (mostly hotels and golf courses) was totally insufficient.  There are so many potential conflicts of interest here.

Publish your taxes, you wind bag.  Trust but verify.

Not my president.


Bill Thibedeau
Gilpin County