Disgruntled Parent

Dear Editor,


I am truly stunned to find out that my son’s long time coach was removed as the head football coach at Nederland Middle/High School. I have never written my congressman or any other government or school official, because it so rarely works. But this strikes me as so very wrong, I have to try something.

I am about to turn 56 years of age. I have lived in Boulder County for over 51 of those years. I am a product of the Boulder Valley School District. I graduated from Fairview high school in 1979. My son, who is now a senior at Nederland High, has been here since before Kindergarten. To tell you the truth, I have had problems since he moved to middle school with the educational professionals, that in my opinion, have negatively impacted my son. However, since my son is a senior and football season is over, I assure you he is not my reason for writing this letter. Instead, the truly devastating effect this move will have on the community I call home is my motivation.

I have watched my friends’ kids play for Coach Jones for years, and was always impressed with how he coached all aspects of the game, win or lose.  But in the last 3 years because of my son, I have learned why, in no uncertain terms, he is so valuable to our community. When tragedy struck and a key member of my son’s football team was paralyzed in a car accident, it became clear how strong of a family all the kids that Coach Jones has had on his teams are. He was the driving force that brought out the very best in our community throughout that heart breaking, painful time. The lessons his teams learn about dignity, respect and perseverance simply are not available anyplace other than the Coach Jones football family. To be honest, I have never heard anyone say anything but how lucky we are to have him. Yet for some reason the first-year Principle and second year athletic director have made this move. If you give any value to the countless times in the past that Coach Jones has made all the difference in his kids’ futures, it is hard to imagine what he could have done to be removed as head coach.

The school is not giving any reason for their actions, and in true cutthroat fashion, they made the move over the Christmas Break so as to try to defuse any opposition that the kids and community might have.


When the educational professionals our taxes pay for begin to cause great harm to our community rather than enhance it, we have to conclude that they have failed us.

So, if this move cannot be reversed then the Athletic Director, and in my opinion the Principle, must also be removed before they are allowed to do further irreversible harm to the Nederland area kids and our community. We deserve and have paid taxes for better. To make this move, when so many other problems need attention and resources, defies logic. If the school system is so out of control that they can no longer act in the best interest of the community, then we run the risk of needing to completely restructure our schools as our kids fall further behind in the educational curve. I am asking you, the school Superintendent, to make this right. Show us we matter and please don’t tell me that your hands are tied, because no one tied the hands of the people who made this truly absurd move. They work for you.




Karen Campbell