City Hall applies as local landmark

John Scarffe, Black Hawk.  The Black Hawk City Council approved the application for Local Historic Landmark Designation of the City Hall property at 201 Selak Street during a regular meeting on Wednesday, January 11, at 3 p.m., 211 Church Street. The Council also approved the purchase of four parcels of land towards the Maryland Mountain master plan.

The City of Black Hawk applied for a Local Historic Landmark Designation for the City-owned property at 201 Selak Street, historically known as Black Hawk’s City Hall, “On September 6, 2016, and again on November 15, 2016, the Historic Preservation Commission evaluated and discussed the local landmark designation application, applicable criteria and testimony by City staff and the Historic Preservation Consultant, according to the request for Council action.

The Commission commended Historic Preservation Consultant Wolfenbarger on the work she did complying the application for the local landmark designation of City Hall and thanked Mayor David Spellman for the outside research on the topic. The Historic Preservation Commission recommended approval of the Local Historic Landmark Designation.

“From its construction in 1877 through the present, the building has housed offices for the City of Black Hawk,” according to the research. “Originally, the Fire Department was located on the first floor and the City offices on the second floor.

“Except for a period when the building was being rehabilitated in the 1990s, the City Clerk’s office has remained in the building since 1877. It is one of the oldest continuously used municipal government buildings in Colorado, and meets several of Black Hawk’s criteria for local designation.”

Community Planning and Development Administrator Cynthia Linker told the Council: “We have been working on this project for over a year now. Most of the historical research came from three people.

“After all the research, we took it before the HPC and they felt it did meet the criteria for a landmark designation. They made a recommendation for approval but wanted the report updated, and since then it has been updated twice,” Linker said.

Two names were misspelled. “Those items have been corrected and I’m recommending approval on behalf of the HPC.”

Alderman Hal Midcap said: “I thought it was really well done. It was a great report.”

At the December 14, 2016, meeting Linker introduced Mary Hart with Mary Hart Design, a landscape architecture firm, who has been working on a Master Plan for the Maryland Mountain Park. On January 11, Public Works Director Tom Isbester presented a group of resolutions approving the purchase and sale agreements for several parcels on Maryland Mountain between the City and Oracle Carr for Government Lot 72, Allison S. Reagan for the Alma Lode, Silver Age Exploration, LLC for Government Lot 65, and Steven A. and Cheryl D. Workman for the Buckeye Lode .”The City is in the process of acquiring eleven separate parcels on Maryland Mountain along or adjacent to the alignment of the Main Tramway line, which will be the base trail for the Maryland Mountain open space, according to the request for Council action. The City has retained Western State Land Services, Inc. to make contact and provide third party negotiation services for these acquisitions.

Isbester told the Council that they are trying to purchase several parcels along main tramway. “We have 11 total, and this is the first three.”

City Attorney Corey Hoffmann said, “We’ve had tremendous success, and we’re still negotiating. We have received two that were rejected and some are still being appraised.”

On November 9, 2016, the City of Black Hawk received an application request for a Certificate of Appropriateness (CofA) from Saratoga Casino. The request involves the replacement and relocation of a Rooftop Unit (RTU) at 101 Main Street for the Saratoga Casino.

The relocation of the RTU will require the installation of additional air ducts which will run along the side of the upper part of the building between the lower and upper roof, according to the request. This duct work affects the exterior façade and will be visible from the street.

Vince Harris, with Baseline, said that they need to replace an HVAC unit on the lower level of the roof. It needs ductwork from the upper roof to the lower roof. It will match the color of wall it will be attached to.

The Council approved the Certificate of Appropriateness. The next regular meeting of the Black Hawk City Council will be at 3 p.m., January 11, 2017, at 211 Church Street.