Alderman begin 2017 with new Mayor

Janet Perry, Central City.  The first Alderman Meeting of the new year was presided over by the newly sworn in Mayor Heider on January 3, 2017. Alderman Voorhies, Alderman Laratta and Alderman Aiken were present. City Manager Miera, Attorney McAskin, City Clerk Bechtel, Finance Director Adame, Community Development Director Rears, Public Works Director Hoover, Fire Chief Allen and Utilities Director Nelson were present as well.

Alderman Voorhies was appointed as the new Mayor pro tem. The Weekly Register-Call will be used as the Legal Publication for 2017. Mayor Heider was appointed as the DRCOG Representative. Alderman Laratta was appointed as the Advisory Representative for the Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC). Alex Thome and Margaret Grant were appointed to the Historic Preservation Commission, with Jackie Mitchell as alternate. Barbara Thielemann and Margaret Grant were appointed to the Planning Commission, with Ernest Van Deuchen as alternate.

Resolution No. 17-01, designating the public place for posting of notices of regular and special meetings of local public bodies of the City was passed.

Resolution No. 17-02, was passed, calling for a special mail ballot election to be held on Tuesday, April 4, 2017, to elect a successor Councilperson to serve the remaining unexpired term of the Council seat vacated by Councilperson Heider.

Resolution No. 17-03, was passed, approving a Ballot Question on April 4, 2017 on the local right to use municipal fiber optic infrastructure.

Resolution No. 17-04, was passed, amending the City of Central Comprehensive Fee Schedule.

Resolution No. 17-05, was passed, establishing certain financial procedures specific to check signatories.

The Community Development Department was awarded the International Davey Award for the website. Council congratulated Ray Rears and Zeke Keeler. Alderman Voorhies mentioned the interesting drone footage.

The Aldermen then moved into Executive Session to discuss pending water rights litigation.