Timberline knocks down fire

Glenn M. Levy, Fire Chief.  On Monday evening, 11/28/2016, Timberline crews responded to a large shed that was on fire on Paint Brush Dr at approximately 5:30 PM.

Crews arrived on scene and found the shed fully involved, with the fire extended to the trees and fire spreading in several directions. Crews immediately checked for life safety concerns, additional hazards, and then focused their attention to the fire in the trees. Once the fire in the trees was knocked down, firefighters began extinguishing the shed and the piles of fire wood that were stacked in the area.


Engine 52 was the attack engine with Tender 53 providing water supply.  Great support from our response partners at Gilpin Ambulance and the Gilpin County Sheriff’s Office was invaluable to this fire being contained as quickly as it was, with a great job done by our 911 dispatcher. The roads were snowy and icy and fortunately there was a break in the high winds that we have been experiencing. Timberline crews from the mid-county stations fought the fire while Timberline crews from the north covered the district from Station 2 while Timberline crews from the south end covered the district from Station 7.

There were no injuries and the fire is under investigation.


Story published in the December 1, 2016 print edition of The Mountain-Ear.