The Shop moves to shopping center

shop-claudiaBarbara Lawlor, Nederland.  “Whoa, stop, did you see that jacket hanging on the rack outside of the store?  Hey slow down, stop, find a place to park.” Often that plea didn’t work as the driver drove past, just wanting to get out of town and cruise down the highway. Buyer, seller and the Town of Nederland all lose out when a sale is lost because of a non-convenient, or nonexistent parking space. Well, that’s done with.

It may seem that relocating from one of the busiest hubs in Nederland to under the shopping center staircase is a risky move, but already The Shop’s owner Claudia Schauffler is pleased with the results.


The Shop, a combination of new and used clothing, offers amazing deals on the hottest new styles of the times. When Claudia and her partner Julia moved into the small office space in Wolftongue Plaza, they thought the centrally placed store would be convenient to locals and shoppers, but that was not the case.

store-view-of-pursesThe location meant few parking spaces and people mostly walked down First Street, ignoring the store on the highway. At first The Shop seems hard to see in its new location at the stairs to the upper level, but once people know it’s there, shopping is easy and convenient, with the whole parking lot to find a space. Claudia plans to make The Shop’s storefront windows fun and glamorous, promoting seasonal clothing, now for both women and men.

Next to the Very Nice Brewery, the Mountain Man and Tadasana Yoga studio, the new location is hopping distance from other local businesses. Claudia likes it that way.


The Shop opened in May of 2013. Claudia and Julia came here from Georgia in 2005 and when the former Bare Necessities Consignment store went out of business, they saw it as an opportunity to continue what they had begun in Georgia.

“It has evolved from its original consignment status into a new and used store,” says Claudia. She says she would go on shopping sprees at the thrift shops down below and when she found something she fell in love, some wonderful, colorful new line of skirt or pants or a bag, she would go to the company that made the item and order more. Usually, their favorites are the one of a kind, true to their functional design, but in various colors and patterns. For example, she has gotten in a bunch of the new skinny leggings that include many colors that will complement any pants or accessories. Or the one-piece, with feet, cozy pajamas that she can’t stock fast enough.


She fell in love with whimsical, yet practical bags and continues to order them from Zand in Amsterdam. Mountain shoppers love to find items that are one-of-a-kind.

“I once found a spectacular long skirt at a yard sale but the seller soon ran out,” saysClaudia. “I did some research and found out the skirt was made by Avatao and now I carry many selections of that brand, trying to buy as many fair trade items as possible.

As The Shop’s inventory increased, the space to exhibit them diminished.  The lighting was inadequate for her interior design needs. She found out about an opening in the shopping center bays and the deal was done. After moving in her hundreds of sweaters, shirts, hoodies, designer pants and stylin’ boots, Claudia let the shine in and saw the blue wall that faces in the window and a store front window display popped into mind; in fact there many, one for each season.

Window shopping visitors stopped to look into the interior of the bay, get a closer peek at the snazzy outfit hanging on the manikins. Shop owners have known forever that it is what people see in the windows that brings them into the store. It is all part of the holiday shopping experience.

The paperwork and remodeling was finished by November 1st and now, a few weeks later, Claudio knows she did the right thing.

“I will take credit for how everything looks,” she says, “because I trusted in Julia to design the art part. It was well worth the time and the move. We are getting a lot of foot traffic here.”

With Black Friday coming up, The Shop is offering a 10 percent discount after taxes and many items will be on sale.

The 50 percent off clearance rack is sure to lure in some economy driven shoppers who enjoy the finer things in women’s clothing choices.  Not only does the business feature great clothing and boots and jewelry for women, it has also expanded to a couple of racks of mens’ clothing, with the same quality and eye pleasing apparel.

Employee Ella Running Rabbit has been working at The Shop since the beginning of last summer and says she has had a great time reorganizing the merchandise in the new space.

“We now have shoe and boot racks, hat racks and bag racks, easy to see and choose from.”

Mindy Ugur, from Superior, says she has been shopping at the store since it opened three years ago and was shocked when she came up specifically to start her holiday outfit buying and saw that the store was closed.


“I was so disappointed. And then I found out they moved over here and was relieved.” She tried on a pair of pants, a cool shirt and a vest and then a pair of knee length boots and bought them all, knowing she had just scored in the not-so-little shop under the staircase in the Nederland shopping center.

Barbara Lawlor

Barbara is a reporter for The Mountain-Ear.