Mountain Spirit Astrology : Saturn

The teacher of the stars, Saturn, takes 29 years to go around the zodiac.  He spends over two years refining each sign in turn. This planet entered wise Sagittarius over a year ago, and leaves at the end of 2017.

A name defining Saturn is placed in front of each of the signs. Then there is an explanation of how this exacting energy will affect you in the year ahead. Saturn demands work but he also brings results. Saturn would say that through discipline we find freedom.


Aries- The Disciplinarian. As the sign that leaps before you look, Saturn’s injunction of discipline is of benefit. This planet has been in Sagittarius for a year now and continues through 2017. Education is of benefit, as you improve all skill sets whether in sports, career, or art.


Taurus- The Lord of Karma. Taurus and your opposite sign, Scorpio, have recently finished a three-year session with the Lord of Karma, the planet Saturn. You graduated with a degree in partnership, learning to set boundaries and be discerning in your choices in the year ahead.


Gemini- The School Teacher. Saturn, the disciplinarian, has been in Sagittarius, your opposite sign, for over a year. You have been refining your relationship with others in your life, and will continue to do so in 2017. Remain as clear in partnerships and straightforward as possible.


Cancer- The Dweller on the Threshold. Saturn, the teacher, has many names in the lexicon of astrology. One of the more esoteric is that of the dweller on the threshold. In this role, Saturn tests your skill levels in various areas of your life before he opens the door to your future.


Leo- The Tester. Saturn, the stern school teacher, is in the center of the stars. He is currently visiting Sagittarius, a knowledge oriented sign. In his role as the teacher, he tests all of us before allowing forward motion. Creativity is one area that he would like you to develop in 2017.


Virgo- The Task Master. Virgo is a sign who generally works well with the teacher of the stars, Saturn. Your sign tends to be on time for class, and well prepared. The balance between home and work is one area in which you can learn to apply your expertise in the year ahead.


Libra- The Keeper of the Keys. One of Saturn’s significant roles is as the keeper of the keys. We are always looking for new doors in our lives to open. The school teacher of the stars will open the doors when we are ready. Clarity in your communications in all areas will assist you in 2017.


Scorpio- The Grim Reaper. Saturn is now in Sagittarius. As you well know, prior to this, he was in Scorpio for three years, refining your actions and taking you through lessons. You are now more efficacious in your life, and ready to move forward. Look for 2017 to open doors for you.


Sagittarius- The Wise Old Man. Fourteen months ago, Saturn entered your sign and will leave on December 20th, 2017. The teacher visits each sign in turn every 29 years. During this cycle, you will look at portions of your life and decide what you want to release and what you want to keep.


Capricorn- Father Time. Saturn, now visiting Sagittarius, is no stranger to you. The Lord of Karma is your ruling planet, who takes 29 years to circle the zodiac, spending over two years in each sign. Your inherent good sense of timing comes from him, in his role as Father Time.


Aquarius- The Lord of the Rings. A scientific name for Saturn, the teacher, is the Lord of the Rings. This planet is surrounded by rings, and he surrounds all of us in his role as teacher. He is your original ruler, and you work well with him, developing inventions and innovations in 2017.


Pisces- The Angel of the Presence. Saturn is the school teacher of the zodiac, now in the wisdom sign. One of his more elevated roles is as an Angel, presenting all of us with the lessons that we need in life. In 2017, he is challenging you to expand your role in the public and in your career.


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