Mountain Spirit Astrology : New Archer

astrologyKaren Anderson, Peak to Peak. The archer draws her bow and aims at the highest heavens. This image for Sagittarius depicts the ideals of the sign. Tuesday’s new moon for the archer allows all of us to recalibrate our philosophical approach to life. Giving thanks naturally flows from this perspective.

In the broadest sense, Sagittarius speaks of the total knowledge that we possess, as individuals and as a society. Conceptually, we all have visions about how we would like the world around us to evolve.

Aries- Now that the Sun is in Sagittarius, you are inclined to become more philosophical. Personal goals and societal goals rise to the forefront of your thought processes. You are now searching for internal integrity, from which will spring every action that you take in the world.

Taurus- As the sign that represents the bounty of the earth, you are naturally incline to give thanks for all that you have. The month ahead allows you to examine your spiritual belief system, and realize that this is the foundation for your actions in the world around you.

Gemini- Your astrological other half, Sagittarius, is philosophically inclined. You are drawn to this perspective this week, both giving thanks for your bounty, and looking at the world at large in order to comprehend that roles that you take in life. Foundations and balance are your themes.

Cancer- Astrological holidays are a study in themselves. You host the Fourth of July, a time of celebration for our nation. Sagittarius, a philosophical sign, brings Thanksgiving to the table. Levels of  appreciation for life provide a foundation for growth and development for you.

Leo- The fiery lions appreciate the fire sign Sagittarius, with its intellectual approach to life. You sense that you have the ability to fight for what is right, both personally and on a planetary level. Romance and social gatherings with friends appear in your future, so prepare to be entertained.

Virgo- Sagittarius both makes you busy and productive and grateful for the slice of life that you have been given. The sign of the archer is activating the portion of your star chart that is known as the depth of your soul. You move forward from this deep wellspring into the month ahead .

Libra- Jupiter, the planet of bounty and fortune, residing with you for a year, leads you naturally into the holidays of harvest and giving thanks. Over the past few years you have developed a strong sense of boundaries, and are now able to expand your relationships from this base.

Scorpio- Your new year begins on the high note of Sagittarius’ archetypal holiday, Thanksgiving. The sign that follows yours, the intelligent archer, will allow you to manifest not only the plans that you have made during your birthday, but long term ideas that you have been incubating.

Sagittarius- As the philosophical sign of the zodiac, it is fitting that the holiday that you share with all of the others is Thanksgiving. On Tuesday you celebrate the annual new moon in your sign, and establish internal integrity for your year ahead, as you start to manifest your future.

Capricorn- The sign before yours, Sagittarius, underlines the importance of thanksgiving. The archers are thinkers by nature. This ability to think deeply goes with you as you continue in an extremely active phase. You are the next sign to move to the center of the birthday party realm.

Aquarius- The two signs that are heavily invested in thought processes are yours, and the one now in the center of the stars, Sagittarius. The archer has the ability to overview our society and civilization. Aquarius then provides the vision of the future ahead, individually and collectively.

Pisces- Compassion and thanksgiving are linked processes, associated respectively with Pisces and Sagittarius. Both your sign and the current one share the starry direction of Jupiter, a sign that cares about the welfare of others and appreciates the bounty of life at this time of year.

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