Library Director’s Report

Michael Carlson, Gilpin County.   We have received the final draft of the budget. At the October 18, 2016 meeting with the County Commissioners, we asked for a .88% in the overall budget for 2017. The final draft shows an increase of $5000 to purchase more materials, along with a bump in the budget for our inter-library loan currier service. We did not get the funds to overhaul the website. The library did, however, receive a bigger increase in our budget than we had originally requested ($347,736 vs $350,712). Other than the increase in the materials budget, the majority of the increase is going to offset personnel costs, such as a $0.96 pay increase per hour and a 2% increase in retirement contributions.

I attended a training in Denver to go over the requirements of the federal E-Rate program. In the past we have received significant funding to offset the cost of telephone service.


Unfortunately, the government is phasing out subsidies for landline connections and is instead focusing on internet access. Estimated reimbursements for 2017 are $480 compared to $1000 in the past. A more viable solution is to shop around for a more affordable plan than the AT&T plan currently being used. I have been in touch with Vicki Nemec, from the county, to see what the county uses and discuss what options may be available to the library.

We are still in the process of updating our collection. The non-fiction section is extremely out of date. Our first priority has been to weed out the material that may be detrimental to patrons, such as outdated medical books and law books. Secondly, we’ve started to cull books that deal with obsolete computer programs and systems. In the process, we’ve started to update our travel section and study guide collection. We will also be trying out different formats in the future. Right n ow we have ordered four of the very popular Great Courses Lecture series. These should become available to the public over the next few weeks.

The library is now offering Notary Public services again. I finally received the certificate from the state and now have the proper supplies to provide this necessary service.

The past three months have been spent primarily on learning the operational side of the library. There are still many areas that need attention, such as the collection and lingering technology issues. I am hoping that over the next few months, as these issues become less and less prevalent, I can turn the library’s attention to programming and outreach services.

Statistics for November 2016:  We circulated 1,877 items during the month. Books accounted for 55% of the circulation, along with DVD’s 29%, eContent 12% and CD books 4%. eBook and eAudio circulation for the month was 225. Our estimated attendance for November was 891 for the 19 days the library was open, an average of 47 patrons per day.


There were 23 new library cards issued. The meeting room was used 15 times.