Gregory Street work continues

black-hawkJohn Scarffe, Black Hawk.  Realignment work continues on Gregory Street, the main street in the City of Black, and the Black Hawk City Council took action on two items related to the project during a regular meeting on Wednesday, November 9, 2016 at 3 p.m., at 211 Church Street. The Board also received requests for parking spaces and agreements for 241 DuBois Street.

Gregory Street has been closed much of the summer and fall for the project and remains closed until November 23rd for utility work. To complete the Gregory Street Relocation project, the existing grouted stone retaining wall on the west side of 241 Gregory Street must be removed, according to the request for Council action.

A new concrete retaining wall with stone veneer will be constructed several feet west of the existing wall. The new wall will not permanently encroach onto the property known as 241 Gregory Street, but a Temporary Construction Easement is required during the construction process. The Temporary Construction Easement has been signed by the property owner, Bonanza Land, LLC.

The Council approved the temporary construction easement and a lease agreement with PCL Construction Services. Finance Director Lance Hillis requested a lease agreement for the property at 440 Gregory Street. PCL Construction Services will lease the property through the winter and during the demolition project.

Hillis also presented a lease agreement for ten parking spaces in the Briggs Parking Lot, 562 Gregory Street, with Bull Durham Saloon and Casino. Hillis said they will pay $3,000 per month, and the Council approved the agreement.

Community Planning and Development Administrator Cynthia Linker presented two housekeeping items for the property at 241 DuBois Street. The Council approved the License Agreement from the City to Derek Blake for the property at 241 DuBois Street that encroaches into the City right-of-way.

Derek Blake, property owner, is participating in the Historic Restoration and Community Preservation program. The improvement survey plat identified that a portion of the staircase, staircase landings and the rock walls extending around the wood frame carriage house encroach into the DuBois Street right-of-way.

Blake agreed to execute a License Agreement with the City of Black Hawk to recognize and address the encroachment. Blake also applied for a temporary construction easement as a condition of the preservation easement agreement for the rehabilitation of the property. The property owner understands and agrees that, before any construction, he will grant to the City a temporary construction easement necessary to complete the work, and will execute a deed restriction in favor of the City.

Fire Chief Don Taylor asked if the Fire Department could donate the current self-contained, breathing apparatus and associated equipment when new SCBA are placed into service. The fire and water departments have received and are in the final stages of placing the new SCBA and their associated equipment into service, according to the request for Council action.

The current SCBA have no trade in value but are still in service. Taylor said a smaller department might be able to use the equipment. A liability release has been prepared by the City Attorney and will be maintained on file after the donation. The Council approved the donation and an ordinance adopting a Ride-Along Policy for the Fire Department.

While the department has a visitor policy and release form for student and observer ride-along, this formalizes this into a single written policy.

The next regular meeting of the Black Hawk City Council will be at 3 p.m. December 14, 2016 at 211 Church Street.