Community roots with Grateful Hearts

Ann Sherman, Nederland.  After a very divisive election and lots of emotion that rippled through our mountain community, it was delightful for adults to have a chance to gather with children and renew their ties to one another.

Fourth and Fifth grade peer leaders at NES handed out chocolate kisses at the door and welcomed everyone, big and small, into Nederland Elementary School on Tuesday night saying, “We are grateful for you.”

Parents had a chance to spend quality time eating, dancing, singing, drawing, reflecting, and listening to stories of Gratitude with their children and their neighbors.  Families enjoyed simple pleasures and reflected upon their abundant blessings while socializing.  The evening’s events were graciously offered to the NES community by specialists and community members: Susan Jones, Mary Waddell, Susan Blurton, Mary Joyce, Leaf Running Rabbit and Bob Mason, Celine Cooper, Kellie Shankey, Ann Sherman, and a host of volunteers from TEENS, lnc.

Mountain men and women, of all political stripes, slowed down to smile at one another, to join hands in a spiral dance while the drums kept a steady beat, to let the children lead the music for tomorrow.  We have so much in common — wanting our children to be safe, to be prosperous, to be compassionate and assertive.  We may disagree about how to get there, but we have to live side by side and figure out how to move us all forward.  The children are watching to see how well we do it.

(Photos by Barbara Lawlor)

Barbara Lawlor

Barbara is a reporter for The Mountain-Ear.