TECH TRENDS : 3 Tips to creating a strong password

passwordsGail Eddy, Nederland.  Last week, I wrote about the DDoS attack which occurred on October 21, 2016.  That attack shut down many websites and apps, especially for users on the East Coast.  I recommended that you change your password to something very secure.  Please don’t use one of these most common passwords!

It occurred to me that you may need some guidance to create a secure password. Here are some tips:

*    First, the more characters in your password, the more secure it will be. According to mSecure, a four-character password can be cracked in under a minute, while an eight-character password can be cracked in five months.  A nine-character password can take up to 10 years to crack.  Notice I said “up to”.  Just using lots of characters doesn’t work if the password is easy to guess.  That’s why you also need:

*    Complexity. Using an eight-character password like “password”, “Password”, or even “PasswØrd”, is too easy to guess.  Even a nine-character password like “password1” is relatively easy to crack.  The same goes for “Admin”, “administrator”, and “12345678”. These are common passwords that a lot of people use.  To make a password more complex, add symbols, capital letters, and numbers.  Using symbols or numbers in exchange for letters makes the password easier to remember.  For example swap out your “o” for an “Ø”, your “a” for “@”, or your “e” for a “3”.  You can even use a password generator like to generate a truly unique password.  I like this one because I can set the number of characters and determine whether or not I can use special characters like @#%& for a particular website.  Above all, when you go to enter your log in credentials:

*    You must remember the password!  Some ideas include a favorite book, your best friend’s name from second grade, or your grandparent’s street address. Just remember to add some additional complexity to make it even more secure.  For example, “Newport” can become “517Newport”, “NewpØrt”, or “Newport100”.  If you must write down your passwords, keep it in a secure place.  I use a password protected spreadsheet.

Please make it a point to use a secure password on all of your internet connected devices.  Change it today!

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