Nederland Police Reports: August

August Reports

Traffic, non-parking, 13

City Ordinance, 4

Miscellaeneous, 8

Traffic Parking, 2

On August 2, a husband and wife team were caught shoplifting and it was discovered they both had Failure To Appear larceny warrants from Steamboat Springs and the woman had an active kidnapping warrant from Missouri.The warrant charge was Fugitive from Justice.

When the officers went to the store, they saw the couple running away and chased them. It was reported that the female had punched one of the clerks. The male was found in a coffee shop and taken into custody. The female was taken into custody about a half mile from the store. They were taken to the NPD. The BCSO contacted the Missouri police and were advised the couple would be extradited.

The man admitted he had taken a hair brush, some motor oil, a gel and other items that had been hidden. On the way to the jail, the man said he had been in Nederland last summer and then went to Steamboat where they were arrested for stealing an iPhone . Their children were taken into custody and returned to Missouri.

The couple’s vehicle was found abandoned two days later at Chipeta Pak where it was impounded.

On August 8, a NPD officer responded to a report of a shoplifter in custody. The suspect had stolen two packages of tampons, putting them in her handbag, then grabbed other items and paid for them at the checkout. She told the officer it was a mistake, that she didn’t realized the packages were in her handbag. She was issued a summons for theft. She said the court date wouldn’t work for her and she was told to take it up with the court clerk.

On Aug. 11, a homeowner reported the theft of some building lumber at a construction site. Items removed were: eight lengths of 2X 4 10-foot boards; and eight lengths of 2 X 4 16 foot boards, all valued at $100. There are no suspects at this time.

On Aug. 14, the NPD received a report of a disturbance. The officer spoke to a third party witness who said he heard someone yelling at another man, but didn’t know what he was saying. Then one of the men drove away. The other witnesses said one of the men came to their house with a 30 pack of beer to speak with one of the men who was sleeping. The man woke up and began drinking the beer and then got angry about something that happened years ago.

At one point he picked up a log and chased the man, swinging the log at him several times and then threatened to run him over in his car and kill him.

On Aug. 31 the officer talked to the witnesses again and they said the the suspect had moved to Florida; that he suffered from a traumatic brain injury and alcohol dependence. All charges wee dropped.

On Aug. 18, a Ned officer responded to a report of a possible DUI and saw the vehicle described driving 20-25 mph in a 45 mph zone. The officer pulled the vehicle one and approached it, noticing there were four people in the car. Two of the passengers gave the officers their drivers license but the other didn’t. Boulder County informed the officer that two of the people had felony warrants. A BCSO arrived and said that the people in the car had active warrants.

The driver was placed under arrest and then the others were handcuffed and placed in the patrol vehicle. The driver’s licenses that had been handed over turned out to not belong to the passengers in the car, who apparently didn’t know his birthdate or how tall he was. The suspects were transported to the Boulder County Jail.

On Aug. 22, a person walked into the NPD to report an illegal campsite at Chipeta Park. The officer walked to the east end of the park and saw some trash and a man sitting at a picnic table. When the officer cleared his name, it came back with a Failure to Appear warrant out of Denver. The officer place the man under arrest and took him back to the NPD for medical clearance. The NFPD EMTs declared him able to be transported and jailed.

On Aug. 27, the NPD was requested to do a welfare check on a man walking along Hwy. 119, holding his head and who appeared to be on drugs. He had almost been hit by vehicles a couple of times. The officer drove down the block where he was last seen and saw the man walking in a zig zag pattern, in the street, holding his head. He walked away from the police patrol car. The officer approached him on foot and the man slowed down. The officer asked him if he was okay, and what was going on. He said, “We won.” Then he walked away. The officer blocked his path and was joined by another NPD officer and a member of the Colorado Mounted Ranger. The man was found to have an active Protection Order in place out of Boulder.

The man became agitated and started to clench his fists. The officers talked to him, telling him to unclench his fists. The man would not tell his name. The officers had him sit down and continued to evaluate him. He had to be held down in the chair, saying, “I am a pervert. I am God.” Then he shuddered and jerked his head. NFPD medics arrived and talked the man into laying down and he was transferred to an AMR ambulance who took him to the hospital, as it was a medical issue.

The following day, the officers were told that the man had taken LSD.

On Aug. 28, a NPD office was asked to respond to a welfare check at a restaurant., that an intoxicated male was in the parking lot, breathing but not responsive. When officers arrived they found a man sleeping in the parking area. They were unable to wake him. NFPD medics arrived and were able to wake him up but he was incoherent except for saying he had nothing to drink. Officers found a nearly empty bottle of vodka in his backpack.

The man became increasingly non-compliant and had to be handcuffed  refusing to say who he was. He was placed in custody and transported to the Alcohol Recovery Center where officers learned his name and that there was a warrant for his arrest out of Minnesota. The man was not released at ARC but taken to the Boulder County Jail.