Mountain Spirit Astrology

Karen Anderson

Libra balances the scales. Libra demands fairness. Libra brings justice. The seventh sign of the stars is opposite the first, Aries. The full moon across these two occurs on Saturday. The Moon in Aries champions the individual, the Sun in Libra favors group consciousness.

Our own self-definition is paramount. When we interact with everyone around us, boundaries become tantamount. The week’s full moon is about the junction where the self meets the other person, and the potential for celebration.

Aries- Your once a year full moon occurs on Saturday, with the luminous orb in the heavens in your very own individual sign. The Sun counters you, in Libra, by saying that the other people in your life are more important than you. You two strike a balance, and celebrate over the weekend.

Taurus- Venus, your ruler, is currently visiting slinky Scorpio. This weekend’s full moon is heavily invested in partnerships. You will find yourself active, attractive and in demand. Yes, this is a busy time for you in regards to your career, but forget about that and go out and have fun.

Gemini- Libra and partnerships are the themes this week. Your ruler, exacting Mercury, is zooming forward and has entered the sign of Libra, along with the Sun and Jupiter. Other people are everywhere in your life, so use your ingenuity to arrange for festive events this weekend.

Cancer- As a Moon Child, you are enthusiastic about the flavors of the different full moons. This weekend’s lunation is all about the individual meeting other people. You know who you are, so search out stimulating company and dance under the full moon and enjoy yourself totally.

Leo-One of your favorite party signs, Libra, is now ruling in the heavens. This weekend features the big Libra/Aries full moon, amplified by Jupiter, the lucky planet. Jupiter will spend a year in Libra, bringing fortune to romance and adventure. Plan a fabulous party for the weekend ahead.

Virgo- The sign after yours, Libra, is firmly ensconced in the heavens. As a matter of fact, Jupiter, the lucky planet, is visiting the sign of the scales of balance for a year. In order to celebrate this celestial turn toward romance, plan fun events for this weekend’s full moon.

Libra- Full moon weekend ahead for the sign of the scales. The big luminous moon this weekend will be in your opposite sign of romance, Aries, and exponentially increased by the presence of Jupiter, the lucky planet, now spending one year in your sign, so prepare to celebrate.

Scorpio- Big doings in the sign before yours, Libra. Not only is Jupiter in this sign favoring partnerships for a year, but this weekend is the big full moon for Libra. The sign before yours is urging you to find a partner and have fun. Your birthday is the next event to celebrate.

Sagittarius- Jupiter is your ruler in the stars. Therefore, he is the planet who directs your activity in the world around you. He has now finished a year in orderly Virgo, and is ready for romance, entering Libra. The full moon in this sign over the weekend says that this is the time to start.

Capricorn- Ever since January, Mars has been trying to enter his favorite sign, yours. He retrograded, or reversed, and moved forward two steps and back one. He is now in Capricorn, making you like a laser in the realm of career. This weekend’s full moon adds romance.

Aquarius- Romantic Libra and determined Aries are two signs that you like working with, so you will appreciate this weekend’s full moon. You have one year of romantic potential ahead of you. Saturday is a fine day to launch this project. Ask someone you like out for dinner and dancing.

Pisces- There is something mysterious and romantic about this full moon for oceanic Pisces. Partnerships are back in vogue, after four years of disfavor in the stars. You are creative by nature, so figure out how to brings the sparks back to a current relationship, or start a new one.

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