Dear Friends and Community,

Dear Friends and Community,


Six weeks since I lost my home to the Cold Springs Forest Fire, I am writing to ask you to please pass the word around your networks, visualize or pray me into my own home in the mountains!

I am hoping to replicate some of the aspects where I lived on Ridge Road, which will support my living in close connection with my beloved Earth and doing the creative work I do for the planet.


Thanks for your efforts on my behalf,

Bonnie Sundance


I am looking for a place to live in Boulder County. Preferably between

6000-8200 feet in mountains:

* well- insulated, with passive solar heat as well as another source of heat

*within 0.2 mile of a hitch-hikable road (enough neighbor traffic) to get

to Ned and Boulder as I did on Ridge Rd., *congenial neighbors/community,

…without feeling crowded by nearby buildings;

*off highway and surrounded by wild nature/forest or meadow; *

quiet/peaceful so I can heal and feel safe;

* Kind and helpful owner, where I can pay $500+/month rent for 500+ sq.


*prefer to install a solar panel for laptop and lights– DC electricity in

addition to any AC grid electricity, *running water helpful,