Third-party review considered for Town Shop

town nedJohn Scarffe, Nederland.  The Nederland Board of Trustees considered a proposal for third-party commissioning for the Town Maintenance Shop project during a regular meeting at 7p.m. on Tuesday, July 5, 2016 at the Nederland Community Center. The proposal, by Iconergy, includes several work tasks as well as pricing, related to observations, testing, documentation and training for the new facility.

Town Administrator Alisha Reis told the Board that the Town Shop project is “moving ahead rather swimmingly.” The project is scheduled for final completion in mid-December.

At the June 7, 2016 meeting, the Board requested some additional options related to a commissioning proposal presented, according to background information. The proposal by Iconergy is broken down by all tasks individually, and costs are assigned to each task.

The total proposal could add up to $11,775, and would need to be provided by cash in the Town’s fund balance, as the project budget is allocated and includes a tight contingency. Consideration could be made of all of the tasks as one or individually.

JVA Project Engineer Joel Price said that after the completion of the project the Board needs to be sure everything works. A third party digging in and reviewing the project would make sure everything is all right.

Price broke the 12 Iconergy tasks down into a menu list:

During Construction

1. Attend One Board Meeting: $500
2. Prepare Commissioning Plan: $285
3. Submittal Review: $1,185
4. Construction Observations (5 total; $747 per observation) $3,735
5. Startup Checklists: $445
6. Functional Performance Testing and Issues Logs: $4,315
7. Operations and Maintenance Manual Review: $270
8. Commissioning Report: $580
9. Training: $460
Sub-Total: $11,775
Post-Occupancy after Construction
10. Seasonal Testing: $750
11. Warranty Review: $775
12. Systems Manual: $1,400
Sub-Total: $2,925
Total: $14,700

Reis said she would like the Town to take up this training piece, number 9, at $460, so staff can formalize training on how to operate equipment in the Town Shop. She also recommended spending the amount for post occupancy tasks, numbers 10, 11 and 12, because those will be the things that help to operate it in the coming year.

The $2,925 funding for this work could come from the 2017 Budget, given that this work would occur mostly after the December 12 final completion date for the project. The systems manual would become the standard operating manual for the shop, Reis said, and would include how to operate shop equipment and what maintenance it requires.

The manual would boil all that down to one notebook. “Then we can start programming them into a maintenance schedule,” Reis said.

Price agreed with staff’s recommendation and said that JVA would be responsible for anything the Board did not approve through Iconergy. “We know this project as well as anybody at this point.”

Trustee Julie Gustafson said she would look to Trustee Kevin Mueller, who was absent, for his insight. If the budget is based on tasks one through eight, how can they say they will take only nine through twelve, considering that the projects do build on themselves? “It’s like extra insurance for a year.”

Public Works Manager Chris Pelletier said that based on the Water Treatment Plant project he wishes he would have gotten it right the first time. “I want to make sure the heat output is operating the way it should be,” he said about the Town Shop.

Price said: “I don’t’ think you’re going to get what you pay for. You’re going to have a third party come in and say they’re going to add scope to it.” Reis said: “We are at the wire for funding. It’s a challenge. I don’t want to suggest that it doesn’t have benefit.”

Trustee Topher Donahue said the Board should have budgeted for this in the beginning, and it’s hard for him to imagine that a project like this couldn’t accommodate third party commissioning. “We should have a decision at the beginning of the project whether we need commissioning or not.”

Pelletier said he got all the training he needed with the Waste Water Plant, but he was the only staff member who got that training. Mayor Kristopher Larsen agreed and said a lot of the training manual is there for future staff.

Larsen suggested that the Board approve tasks nine through twelve, and ask Reis to go back to Iconergy and see if they would charge more than $4,000. If they would charge over that amount she should come back to the Board at the next meeting. The Board approved a motion to that effect.

The Board approved reappointments for the Nederland Downtown Development Authority, the Board of Zoning Adjustment and the Planning Commission. Katrina Harms and Susan Schneider, DDA members, for terms expiring in June 2020; Mark Moll, BZA member, for a term expiring in June 2021; and Jesse Seavers, PC member, for a term expiring in June 2020.

The next meeting of the Nederland Board of Trustees will be at 7p.m. on Tuesday, July 19, 2016, at the Nederland Community Center. A public hearing for an ordinance to increase the density of housing units in High Density Residential (HDR) zoning districts will be conducted at that time.