Healthy keepers of the forest needed

lettersDear Editor,

Having lost my home in this Cold Spring fire, and seeing the incredible cost of energy in firefighting and in the wastage of food by having electricity turned off in people’s evacuated homes, I am feeling concerned and angry.  Perhaps one action is to have spoiled food picked up for composting.

My major concern is anyone is allowed to make use of the forest under the belief that everyone has a right to use it in whatever way that best suits them.  We allow ignorant behavior as well as skillful behavior from people.

I believe it is time to educate people about the forest and how to be in a good relationship with all Life in the forest and the practices necessary to do so.  They should be required to get a license to be in the forest, no different than people are required to have a driver’s license or a fishing or hunting license.

In the past I felt responsible and apologetic to firefighters and taxpayers for living in the forest, knowing that firefighters are sometimes called upon to defend the homes of forest-living people like me.  Being someone who has lived skillfully in harmony with all life around me in the forest, I no longer feel apologetic.

Bonnie Sundance
Former Ridge Rd. Resident