Soccer, track and field athletes honored

Barbara Lawlor, Nederland.   Spring is two-faced, promising one thing and then doing something else, sometimes with no warning. It is deceiving and hypocritical.

In other words, March, April, and May can’t be counted on for anything. It is always wise to have a plan B.
Both the Nederland Middle Senior High School Track and Field and Soccer teams found themselves all ready to go to a meet or a game when a snowstorm would clump down on the field or track, putting an end to the event.

The Ned Panthers continued to practice, however, and to work their bodies, even if it was on a hardwood gym floor, or out on a snowy trail.

It’s just the way spring athletics are in the mountains, and for their perseverance and good nature, the spring athletes were celebrated last Thursday, May 12, at the high school.

Soccer Coach, Mark Mabbett, and Track and Field Coach, Kristin Wagner, gathered their teams in the school cafeteria, where they had a make-it-yourself taco dinner and then the big team awards were presented.

Coach Wagner praised her team, small but dedicated, especially the lone female athlete, Sarah Davidson, who had the grit to represent the Panthers, even though she was often alone on the track. It was a young team, consisting of no seniors and mostly freshmen. She thanked her team for their positive attitude even when snow interfered with scheduled practices and meets.

The Most Valuable Player Award on the Track and Field team went to Adam Figgins, who broke five minutes in the mile and had perfect attendance at practice. He was 29th in the state.

The Most Improved Player Award went to Dakota Pilarik.

The Panther Award went to Garret Cuervorst.

The REACH Award went to Adler Mueller and Sarah Davidson.

Letter winners were Adam Figgins and Sarah Davidson.

The Academic All-State Award went to Kiernan McClish.

On the girls’ soccer team:

The Most Valuable Player Award went to Ella Bynum.

The Most Improved Player Award went to Brie Mendez.

The Panther Award went to Emily Rumor.

The REACH Award went to Nicole Silva.

The All-League Honorable Mention Award went to Karen Sorokach and Nicole Silva.

The Four-Sport Athlete Award went to Sarah Davidson, who participated in Cross-Country, Nordic Skiing, Soccer and Track. The three-sport award went to Adler Mueller, who participated in Cross Country, Nordic Skiing and Track.

Barbara Lawlor

Barbara is a reporter for The Mountain-Ear.