NedPeds project stockpiles materials

sidewalkJohn Scarffe, Nederland.  The NedPeds project, to construct a new Nederland pathway from the RTD lot to the Post Office, will be underway this month. The project will begin by staking the route and stockpiling materials at Guercio Memorial Ballfield.

Town Administrator Alisha Reis presented updates on the project at the Nederland Board of Trustees meeting on May 17 and at the Nederland Downtown Development Authority (NDDA) meeting on May 18. “In the next three-week period, things will kick off in earnest,” Reis told the NDDA.

“We will see some materials arrive, heavy equipment, water piping. They’re going to dig up Second Street and dig a big hole and then fill it and cap it with concrete,” Reis said. The project is surveyed and ready to start.

Todd Ficken, with F&D International, LLC, which is leading the project, wrote a letter updating the project, which was provided to both boards. He wrote that they are providing construction staking currently.

Ficken told the trustees that the contractor is having a challenge getting a continual flow of material, so they are stockpiling them on the ballfield and at the amphitheater. “Second Street is going to be dug out three feet deep, and they want to do it quickly,” Ficken said. “We want to have a constant flow of aggregate right there behind them.”

Trustee Topher Donahue asked if there will be a significant period of time when there needs to be no vehicles in people’s driveway. Alex Knettel with F&D told the trustees that the project will be conducted in three phases, so residents shouldn’t have a significant amount of time when they can’t get vehicles in or out of their property.

“There will be times when people will be inconvenienced, but that will be short – three or four days. We’re going to do everything we can to mitigate that,” she said. Reis said they we will find places where people can park their cars.

Ficken said the project is being slowed by some administrative details. The Colorado Department of Transportation is the conduit on the highway grant, and a couple of weeks ago CDOT assigned a person to overlook the project and decided the Town didn’t have all the paper work needed.

On March 31, during a meeting for the project in Nederland, CDOT assigned a representative, Ficken wrote in the letter. “This was the first time we met the representative. Following the 31 March pre-con meeting, we were informed of a significant amount of additional paperwork that CDOT required pursuant to the grant.

“We provided CDOT with everything that we had, such as a contract agreement, general conditions, etc. We were faced with some challenges and issues, but we maintained a cooperative position in terms of sorting out what CDOT needed.

“Some of the issues were related to personnel changes within the contractor’s organization and the transfer of knowledge. Other issues had to do with ensuring all the necessary paperwork and contract language was in place to ensure compliance of the federal grant monies.”

Reis also updated both boards on financing for the project. The NDDA will be seeking a loan authorization with a base amount of $913,000. This will be borrowed from the Town’s water fund with a 3 percent interest rate.

Reis told the NDDA Board that they have already accumulated 60 percent of the dollars for this current loan. “By November 2017 you will have the funds. You are on track with current funding to pay off your loans. You are in a real healthy position and did a nice job with your loans.”

Reis told the trustees that NedPeds is the NDDA’s final allowance for debt authorization. The NDDA has to go into debt to access funds.

She will present the loan authorization at the board’s June 17 meeting. “This loan would be paid in three or four years and allows the NDDA to access funds at low interest. It’s roughly $1 million to make better walks.”