Music, theater programs are winners

music drama directorsBarbara Lawlor, Nederland.  The Nederland Middle Senior High School Music and Theater programs work all school year long, rehearsing, singing, practicing their instruments, and polishing their talents. At the beginning of the year, when younger students, and brand new students join the band, the orchestra, the choirs, and the theater, it seems like there is a long journey ahead of the directors, as they meld newcomers with seasoned performers.

When it is time for the Fall Plays and the first of the instrumental and vocal concerts, all one can do is hope that the outcome will be performances they can be proud of, and it always is.  From the last rehearsal to the opening of the curtain, the cues, the lines, the harmonies, the notes, and the transformation from a kid into a performer all seem to fall into place.

The final performances of the year are always astounding. Parents are amazed at the transformation that takes place on stage as their children act and sing and play their instruments with a confidence and energy that shines for all to see.

Last Friday night, May 14, the Nederland Middle High School celebrated its music and theater students with the annual awards ceremony. Letters, pins, tassels, and Oscars were presented to the students. Each senior received the gift of thyme, a living plant, from director Liz Evans.

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Orchestra teacher Christine Mallory presented the Sixth Grade band/orchestra awards:

The Most Dedicated-Irwin McClish
The Most Improved-Rowan Harper
The Most Dedicated-Ivey Brundage
The Most Improved-Marina Fortunato

The Seventh Grade Awards:
The Most Dedicated – Oliver Vernon
The Most Improved – Sydney Mayhew
The Most Inspirational – Clementine Miller
The Most Improved – Aspen Miller

The High School Orchestra, consisting of 10 students, competed at Elitch Gardens and took first place.
The Most Dedicated: Elinor Scott
The Hardest Working – Karen Sorokach
The Most Inspirational- Deanna Ballough
The Most Improved – Bill McNamara and Eileen Lanthier
The National School Orchestra Merit Award went to Ripley Duke.
This year, the NMSHS Music and Theater Program earned its 15th Grammy Signature School Award, putting it among the top 100 high schools in the country, and the winner of more Signature Awards than any other school in the country. It also won the Music Manufacturers Award for the Best Community Support, for the third time. Another banner for the school wall of fame.
After competing in New York City, the Loquations brought home a second place trophy and all excellent reviews.

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ML Band:
Most Dedicated – Hakan Chunton
Hardest Worker – Jacob DeLong, Fiona Eggleston
Most Improved – Maddie Prince
Most Inspirational – Hatcher Edmondson

6th Grade Choir:
Most Dedicated – Paul Masters
Hardest Worker – Tabby Lamb
Most Improved –  Monica Apke-Kinder
Most Inspirational –  Maisy Miller

7th and 8th Grade Choir:
Most Dedicated: Marguerite Bradley, Alexandra Berumen-Gonzalez
Hardest Worker: Ely Nitsch, Zoe Monclair
Most Improved:  Aspen Abel
Most Inspirational: Hadley Zotti, Ellie Brewer

Festival Choir:
Most Dedicated:  Logan Michell
Hardest Worker:  Olivia Greeley
Most Improved:  Linnaea Thibedeau, Sarie Lund
Most Inspirational:  Eileen Lanthier, Nevaeh Lajudice

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HS Band:
Most Dedicated: Daniel Padilla
Hardest Worker: Courtney Clemmer
Most Improved:  Connor NIkkel, Nick Delahunt, Kevin Merz
Most Inspirational: Maeve Anderson

The Loquations:
Most Dedicated – Emily Albright, Hattie Bakke
Hardest Worker – William Culver, Hanna Woods
Most Improved – Emily Rumer
Most Inspirational – Hunter Mayhew
Outstanding Student Arrangements:  Emily Curcio, Hayley Turner, Natasha Kinczel, and Tobiah Nagle

Outstanding Musicians:
Outstanding 6th Grade Musician: Bay Morrish
Outstanding 6th Grade Musician: Natalie Taylor
Outstanding 7th Grade Musician: Abigail Lanthier
Outstanding 7th Grade Musician: Hatcher Edmondson
Outstanding 7th Grade Musician: Isabella Sink
Outstanding 8th Grade Musician: Jamie Lammers
Outstanding 8th Grade Musician: Ellie Brewer
Outstanding Freshman Musician: Sasha Godsil
Outstanding Freshman Musician: Damon Vigil
Outstanding Sophomore Musician: Emily Albright
Outstanding Sophomore Musician: William Culver
Outstanding Sophomore Musician: Karen Sorokach
Outstanding Junior Musician: Elenor Scott
Outstanding Junior Musician: Mariah Ingram
Outstanding Senior Musician: Tobiah Nagle

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National School Choral Award – Hunter Mayhew

National Orchestra Award – Ripley Duke

John Philip Sousa Award – Maeve Anderson

Theater Awards:

Thespian IE- Hayley and Emily Curcio- In His Eyes- Excellent Rating
Fall One Acts:  This is a Test, The New Margo, Twitch, This is a Text, Exit, Take Five

Special Thanks went to the directors:  Sasha Godsil, Hayley Turner, Hattie Bakke, Emily Curcio, Emily Albright

Supporting Actor:  Presented by Sasha Godsil

Nominees were: Liam Nikkel, Conner Nikkel, Tristan Kiefer, Rowan Harper, Townes Bakke, Bay Morrish, The winner was ROWAN HARPER.

music drama four singers
Supporting Actress: Presented by: Hayley Turner and Hattie Bakke. The Nominees were:  Emily Rumer, Ella Mueller, Maddie Prince, Skylee Barry, Sara Feeley, Natalie Taylor, Hailey Perryman, Mia Milwicz-Clanton, Naya Barton, Aspen Abel, Clementine Miller, Hailey Porter, Faith Stanton, Emily Albright, Maya Beauvineau, Mela Hessner, Elenor Scott, Julia Gielcold
The winner was MAYA BEAUVINEAU.

The Best Actor award was presented by  Emily Albright. Nominees were : Jamie Lammers, William Culver, Hatcher Edmondson, Liam Nikkel, Charlie Rawlins, Paul Masters
The winner was PAUL MASTERs.

The Best Actress award was presented by Emily Curcio. Nominees were: Fiona Eggleston, Hadley Zotti, Maeve Anderson, Mela Hessner, Ella Schrader, Eve Colton, Mazie Pancoast, Ellie Brewer, Marguerite Bradley, Mylee Chilcote,  Alexandra Berumen-Gonzalez, Meagan Figgins,  The winner was MEAGAN FIGGINS

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The Spring Musicals were SHREK Jr and Songs for a New World. The directors were Kathy Bremers, Ki Goodman, Mallorie Wright, and Josh Lake.

The TECH AWARDS were presented by Josh Lake and Kathy Bremers. The Nominees were:
Adler Mueller, Mia Milwitz-Clanton, Elysia Nitsch, Benjamin Nichols, Ivy Brundege, Madi Brewer, Hunter Mayhew, Sasha Godsil, Damon Vigil, William Culver, and Wesley Nation
The Rookie of the Year winner was Mia Milwitz-Clanton. The Costumer Award went to Ely Nitsch and the Technician of the Year was Adler Mueller.

The DANCE AWARDS were presented by Ki Goodman. The Nominees were: All Cast Members and the winners were ELLIE BREWER AND EMILY ALBRIGHT

The READY WILLING AND ABLE OSCAR Award was presented by Kathy. The Nominees were: Jamie Lammers, Emily Albright, Hunter Mayhew, Charlie Rawlins, Skye Orndorff-Keller, Bay Morrish, Damon Vigil, Paul Masters, Rowan Harper, Hadley Zotti, Mazie Pancoast, Lauren Merz, Meagan Figgins, William Culver, and Sasha Godsil.

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The TEACHABLE AND ADAPTING OSCAR Award was presented by Kathy. The Nominees were: Hunter Mayhew, Natasha Kinczel, Townes Bakke, Maya Beavineau and Meagen Figgins. The winners were: HUNTER MAYHEW AND TOWNES BAKKE.

The OH WHAT A CHARACTER OSCAR was presented by Kathy. The Nominees were:  Hanna Woods, Natasha Kinczel, Emily Albright, Hattie Bakke, Tobiah Nagle, Townes Bakke, Jamie Lammers, Marguerite Bradley, Rowan Harper, Charlie Rawlins, Skye Orndorff- Keller, Bay Morrish, and Ellie Brewer.

The BEST ENSEMBLE AWARD was presented by Ki Goodman. The Nominees were:  The Deer, The Woodland Creatures, The Storytellers, The Ogres, The Fionas, and The Dulocs. The winners were THE DEER: ROWAN HARPER, PAUL MASTERS, CHARLIE ROLLINS, TOWNES BAKKE AND BAY MORRISH; and the  STORY TELLERS: MEAGAN FIGGINS, JULIA AND HADLEY ZOTTI.

Supporting Actors:  Presented by Josh Lake.The Nominees were: All Male Cast Members and the winner was SKYE ORNDOFF-KELLER.

Supporting Actresses:  Presented by Ki

Music, drama  Nat school award

Nominees were:  All Female Cast Members and the winners were HATTIE BAKKE AND HAYLEY TURNER

Best Actors:  Presented by Josh. The Nominees were:  All Male Cast Members. The winners were DAMON VIGIL AND JAMIE LAMMERS.

Best Actresses: Presented by Elizabeth Evans. The Nominees were:  All Female Cast Members. The winners were TOBIAH NAGLE, SASHA GODSIL, AND MARGUERITE BRADLEY.

Barbara Lawlor

Barbara is a reporter for The Mountain-Ear.