Kussin arrested, again, on indecent exposure charges

kussin and truckBarbara Lawlor, Nederland.   On Wednesday, June 1, 2016, Robert Kussin, known as Cowboy Bob, was arrested and charged with one count of indecent exposure and violation of a previous bond. He was booked into the Boulder County Jail and released the next day, Thursday, June 9, 2016 on a $5,000 bond, paying a $500 cash bond.

On Saturday, May 29, a Nederland police officer was contacted by a Nederland woman, 25, who said that on the previous day she and a friend saw a man expose himself while standing inside his residence, behind the picture window. They saw him remove a towel from around his genitals. A few minutes later, he came outside drying his hair with the towel, went to his truck and then went back inside the house. The women were fearful, saying he had looked directly at them when he pulled the towel away.

The girls’ statements were enough probable cause to arrest Kussin for indecent exposure, the third  subsequent offense and for charges of Violation of Bail Bond Conditions.

According to Deputy District Attorney Catherine Olguin, Kussin had been arrested last November on charges of 12 counts of indecent exposure and was out on a $500 cash bond when arrested last week.

Kussin, 63, a long-time Nederland resident, has been reported to the Nederland Police Department on several occasions before the first arrest.

In September, 2015, a woman shopping with her daughters noticed a man staring at her two and three-year-old daughters causing her to leave the store. She reported that Kussin followed them outside, at which point she noticed he stood awkwardly, as if trying to hide his front side. When she got into the car, her daughter asked her why the man was rubbing his penis, saying she saw him do it in the store too.

On October 1, 2015 another woman was with her three children when a tall, slim man in a gray Ford pickup got out and moved into the back seat. She saw him lower his pants and masturbate, facing out with the doors open, staring at her daughter. When she shouted at him, he didn’t stop.

On October 27, 2015 a woman with her three-year-old daughter in a stroller was told by another woman that Cowboy Bob was leaning over the stroller with his penis in his hand. The two women walked out of the store and ran to the police station.

The Nederland Police Department interviewed Kussin on November 6, 2015. He told them he didn’t remember anything because he was on pain medication prescribed for a surgery. Kussin’s criminal record shows he was charged with four similar offenses in Illinois and Boulder County. He was placed in custody on November 6, 2015 and booked in to the Boulder County Jail.

At that time the NPD asked that anyone with any information regarding these incidents contact Darragh O’Nuallain at 303-258-3250.

Current charges were filed at the Boulder County Jail on Wednesday, June 1 and Kussin was bonded out on Thursday, June 2. The cash for the previous bond will not be returned. An arraignment was set for Thursday, June 9, 2016 for the charges from November.

The sentencing for one Class 6 Felony is a year to 18 months in jail. Deputy DA Olguin says a trial date will be set and both cases will probably be merged, a total of 14 counts, 13 for indecent exposure and 1 count for violation of bond.

Barbara Lawlor

Barbara is a reporter for The Mountain-Ear.