Central City Alderman : Professional Services Agreement

stock Central CityJanet Perry, Central City.  A regular meeting of the Central City Alderman was brought to order on June 7, 2016 with no Alderman absences and a full staff present. After the opening Pledge of Allegiance, approval of last meetings minutes and the agenda, the meeting got underway. There were no requests to speak during the public forum.

The first Action Item of New Business was Resolution 16-15, “approving a Professional Services Agreement with RPI Consulting LLC for Project no. 2016-CD-01 (Comprehensive Plan, Land Use Code and Design Guidelines Update)”.

Community Development Director Ray Rears gave the background of the resolution.  Central City was awarded a grant from DOLA, or Colorado Dept. of Local Affairs, via the Energy and Mineral Impact Assistance Fund. The State Grant is for updating the Comprehensive Plan and Land Use Code.  The state awarded CC $100,000 and there were also matching funds of $100,000 from Central City.

Rears said that once the state grant monies were received, the CC staff began preparing the RFP and soliciting proposals from qualified consulting firms. Along with a member of the Planning Commission, a representative from the Historic Preservation Commission, staff interviewed three of the firms and checked references of those firms.

Rears explained that staff anticipates work will start on the project immediately. There will be a joint work session between the council, the Planning Commission and the Historic Preservation Commission in order to establish overall goals and vision for the project. These goals and vision would then guide the work to be done.

Rears, “The not-to-exceed amount established in the Agreement is $180,000, below the maximum cap for this project of $200,000. City funds of up to $100,000 have already been budgeted to this project in the 2016 budget, though only $90,000 of that amount (half of the overall cost and the City’s portion) would be utilized for this purpose leaving a budgeted surplus of $10,000. Increased payments to Planning Commission and Historic Preservation Commission members for participation during work sessions is expected and included in the 2016 budget.”

Rears went on to explain that this project was of great benefit to the city. He praised the state grant monies and other benefits coming via the update to the city’s subdivision regulations, the Design Guidelines, and an update to the Three-Mile Plan. The new plan is expected to have a strong focus on downtown economic development.

Staff will be working closely with the consultant as well as working to keep everyone informed, including the City Council, Planning Commission, Historic Preservation Commission, business community and the public.

Rears explained that the Comprehensive Plan needs to be updated. He said this is used for guiding any redevelopment and revitalizing the business core, as well as community growth needs.

Rears then explained that so much work is involved in the update, which covers a wide range of focus, like preservation of historic areas and repair to critical infrastructure, etc. that staff alone could not do the work in time. There will be a council work session to kick off the project. The Planning Commission, the Historic Preservation Commission and the public are invited. The project’s anticipated completion date is May of 2017. Alderman Voorhies called the motion and it passed unanimously.

Resolution No 16-17 awards a bid for the 2016 Asphalt Paving Projects (RFP 2016-7) and authorizes the City Manager to execute a Construction Contract with Straight Line Sawcutting, Inc.

CC Public Works Director Sam Hoover gave background on the resolution. In May of 2016, the city solicited proposals for the paving projects. Three firms submitted proposals and their bids were evaluated. Straight Line Sawcutting, Inc. was chosen, and would do the work for an amount not to exceed $100,213.60.

Staff noted that there would be lanes closed on Gregory for two days and then two days to pave the ramps for the Parkway Access Project.

Mayor pro tem Kathy Heider made the motion and the resolution passed unanimously.

Resolution No. 16-18 awards a bid for the Central City Parkway-Ramps Guardrail Project (RFP 2016-8). After evaluating the bids, Staff’s recommendation was to go with Ideal Fencing Corp. The cost is not to exceed $37,188.

Alderman Jeff Aiken asked if this were a job the City Crew could do. Hoover explained that the crew had too many other duties during this time of year. Mayor pro tem Heider moved to approve Resolution No. 16-18 and it passed unanimously.

During Reports staff reported that many stakeholders continue to work on a solution to the bus parking issue. They have hopes of reintroducing Resolution No. 16-14 at the July 5th Alderman meeting.

Steve Corduro of Ace Express said that they have met with the Black Hawk City Council and are looking for other locations as well as a PUC filing for changes to the route and times. He added that currently they are “having the drivers return to Denver and loop back up”.

Staff recommends that all $50,000 appropriated within line-item number 30-421-1005 Roadway Improvements within the Capital Improvement Fund be used for Gregory Street. This would be East of Main Street, on Gregory Street as far as possible. Staff added that unless directed otherwise, they would begin.

The Central City Opera Welcome Event, Opera Picnic, will be held Monday June 27, 2016 from 5p.m. to 9p.m. There will be a welcome event on Main Street for the Opera. The city is hosting the event, with food, beverages and entertainment.

A joint City Council/County Commission Work Session is scheduled for Tuesday, July 19, 2016 at 6:30 p.m. in Council chambers to discuss the Belvidere Theater and other items.

Public Utilities director Jason Nelson introduced Jack Beard as the new Water Operator.

Hoover noted that striping of the Central City Parkway will be completed on June 8th.

During Council Comments, Mayor pro tem Heider praised the 7 Healing Stars Wellness event held at Scarlett’s.

Alderman Shirley Voorhies announced that the museums had opened on Memorial Day weekend and announced the Lou Bunch event coming up on June 18th.

Alderman Judy Laratta thanked Public Works employee Mary Ann Block for the excellent hard work she had put into the hanging flowers and general beautification of Main Street.

During Public Forum, Barbara Thielemann shared comments received in the visitor’s center log, from 22 countries and 25 states.

Robert Swearington is a local camper at the KOA and said he’s pleased to see the ramps off of the Parkway providing access to the KOA. He previously had trouble getting his family’s camper into the area so had been avoiding it on their yearly visits to the area.

Mayor pro tem Heider then moved to go into Executive Session to discuss strategy with regards to a property located on Nevada Street.

The next Council meeting is scheduled for July 5, 2016 at 7:00 pm.