Living on the Mountain

birds on a wireWelcome to “It’s Your Turn”. This is the only completely reader written issue each year. The Mountain-Ear welcomes your submissions every week, but once per year we let you write the whole paper. Here are some of the submissions 2016.

Nederland Elementary School students, from Ms. Beauvineau’s 4B class, wrote the following poems as part of an integrated science unit on how animals adapt to their environments. They each studied one bird of their choice and then created an artistic representation of this bird with clay, and built a replica of its nest out of straw. They also researched their bird and wrote a scientific book about what they learned. They were then asked to take their scientific knowledge and write poems about these special birds, all of which migrate or live in Colorado at some point every year.

The Great Pelican
By: Gavin Dillon

The great pelican
flies over beautiful skies
with its daring eyes,

In order to thrive
it dives out
of the clear blue sky
they don’t have predators
but they have competitors,
on land
they aren’t so grand
but in the ocean
they cause comotion.

Teaghan’s Hummingbird Poem
By: Teaghan Hartman

Chee-dit chee-dit chee-dit
I am a hummingbird.
I zoom through the sky
like a jet
soaring through the air

Nectar so sweet and tasty I eat.
I find the best flower.
The sugar water
you give me so tasty and sweet

I am small but mighty,
other birds are different.
My wings don’t touch my tail.
I can fly backwards
they can’t.

My red throat sparkles
in the sun as I fly by.
Chee-dit chee-dit chee-dit
I am a hummingbird

Red Tail Hawk
By Aeden Koziel

Oh Red Tailed Hawk
Red Tailed Hawk
how you soar over head
like a swan in a lake.

Red Tail Hawk
how I love you
like a DIAMOND fountain
in the middle of the woods.

I will feed you any day
just dont doo doo on me!
not even a cheetah could catch you!

Fly fly if you must
I’ll see you again another day!

Prairie Falcon Poem
By Julia Allen

Prairie Falcon
best bird on the land.
Fast, awesome,
cool bird, awesome bird.
Prairie Falcon
shares nest with other birds.
Prairie Falcon
lives in grasslands
nest in cliffs
beak curved
Spectacular bird

Wise Old Owl
By Owen Cleveland

A wise old owl
sits in an oak
the more he saw,
the less he spoke
the less he moved,
and the more he heard.

Why can’t we all be like this wise old bird?

Barn Owls
By Koti Czeponis

Barn owls
are great creatures
They don’t build a nest
Awesome animal
l love barn owls!

The Ptarmigan
By Mazzy Hansen

The Ptarmigan
Is strange and colorful too
He looks up at the sky
the color is blue.
They look like Doves,
peaceful and gay
The Ptarmigan is better than they…

Oh where do you hide
In the rocky meadows,
or in the hillside?
Snails, worms, spiders and ants
is that a feast, or berries too?
Oh Ptarmigan, soon I will meet you!

The Golden Bird
By Lee Whinston

The golden bird soars
and twirls
high in the sky

The golden bird swoops
and loops
high in the sky

The golden bird flies
and cries
high in the sky

The Blue Throated Hummingbird
by Hayden Hardt-Zeman

The more they fly
the more they live.

The more they get flowers
the more they get pollen.

The more they get flowers
the more our house smells good.

Why can’t we all
be like
this wonderful Blue Throated Hummingbird!!!!!
By Oskar Nunemacher

Osprey flying high
flying above us in the sky
will he catch his prey
down in the water below

Swooping in for the catch
coming from above
he has caught a rainbow trout
going to his nest
with a snack to eat

Great Horned Owl
By Trinity Le Blanc

Good at hunting
Rabbit eater
Excellent eyesight
Antarctica they
Trees are their home

Hunts prey
Owlets are their babies
Reddish-yellow talons
Nature is amazing
Extra long 5-foot wingspan
Descending down trees

Large bird
Great Blue Herons
By Asher Hughes

Great Blue Herons
Soaring through the sky

Great Blue Herons never say die
Through the dark, gloomy sky
the sun is setting
in its bed of clouds.

Get some sleep my little Heron
Get some sleep for now!

The Magnificent Hummingbird
By Ricky Fortunato

Like a helicopter
the green violet bird
is a ball of colors

with a needle beak
fluffy and fast
it flies through the forest
At a million billion miles per hour

the bird is very hungry
and  thirsty
eating nectar
it never rests.

Mountain Blue Bird
By Jordan Galindo

My name is Sky.
I’m a mountain bluebird
that flies through the sky.
I have little blue specks on
my feathers and my eyes.
For breakfast, on a sunny day,
I fly and hunt for bugs all day.
Sometimes I find some yummy treats,
like sweet berries
I love to eat.

The Bold Eagle
By Taylor Johnson

The bald eagle our national bird
it’s so amazing plus, rhymes with words
what can be held in the talons that hold
look at its head both bald and bold
it can live in places that are cold
but gets shot down so it’s feathers get sold
did you hear about the oil spill of ‘89
it killed over 300 eagles so sad
it’s even sad, disturbing, bad
the bald eagle king of the skies
when I look it soars right by
how does it go so fast and why
its wingspan can be 7 feet
oh, how I wish it could speak
so when you see the bald eagle fly by
remember that it is the king of the skies
don’t call it the bald eagle or strong
call it the bold eagle and write it a song

The Glorious Whooping Crane
By Abigail Koziel

The glorious Whooping Crane
Height about 5 feet
Eats snails, crabs, water insects, frogs, minnows, snakes, small rodents, berries, small vertebrates, invertebrates, plants, and other wild fruits and berries

Whooping Crane rules
Overhead they fly
Openly in the sky

Endorsing to the environment

Peregrine Falcon Poem
by Loic Edward Masters

The peregrine falcon
flying in the sky
looking for something to eat
something nice and meaty.

The peregrine falcon
jumping from its nest
diving from 1300 feet
to catch its prey.

Almost disappeared
because of DDT
threatened and sick
will it come back
or will it be gone forever?

but not fancy like a parrot.

The peregrine falcon
agile like a cheetah
is a spy looking down
at its prey.

The peregrine falcon
you can’t see it
but it can see you.

An easy prey to catch
the pigeon waiting
to be eaten
by the peregrine falcon.

The Blue Jay
By Clara Miller

like a plane it starts to fly
blasting off at mighty speed
easily soaring into the sky

when it wants something to eat
it will search for a snack
acorns are its favorite treat

its call is “jay jay jay”
happily singing in its nest
the snow is where it likes to play

Strange Turkeys
By Opal Kinnikin

Turkeys, oh so beautiful and bright
Like you in a blue dress with polka-dotted tights
So bright
like the blue sky with white, white clouds

Turkeys so smart and clever
They teach themselves how to swim and fly

Turkeys have been around for a very long time
As long as the dinosaurs
But still here.

Turkeys are the strangest  bird to me
because they don’t like to go in trees
except when bees are chasing them

The Sandhill Crane
by  AJ Merz

The Sandhill Crane
is a beautiful creature
it has friends
but doesn’t have a preacher

It soars and scares
and sometimes it bores
but it is still awesome
And just to be clear
it is not a possum.

Soaring through the air
it will always land
if it’s a safe landing or not.
It will eat some food you give it
and sometimes it will spit it out.

The Sandhill Crane is a beautiful creature.

Little Graceful Falcon
By Ajani Whittleton

The American Kestrel
is our country’s smallest falcon
screaming through our skies
faster than a speeding car
dive-bombing prey
with deadly accuracy

From cities to deserts
and farm fields to suburbs
this little raptor
is amazingly adaptive
to wherever it may live

He’s blue and reddish brown
with a black tipped tail
She’s reddish brown
with a black tipped tail
American Kestrels are graceful
and seem to float through the sky

Little Sparrow
By Harmony Jacobs

Dull colored little sparrow,
you look just like you’re a part of the tree.
Blending in with bark, no one can see you there
but I do.

You’re perched on the tiniest branch
because your little feet hold you snugly there.
The tree is home to you
and so many other animals
like your food you often eat
and predators you must be aware of too.

Bright and early,
in the frosty morning sunrise,
you sing your song
and it seems to bring life
to the world
and other creatures around you.

They wake up
to your sweet and vibrant chirping
as if to say,
“Good morning world!”

In colder areas,
you seem to flourish,
unlike tropical birds.
You are so different from those
brightly colored tropical birds
you little sparrow you!

You seem to like picking seeds and berries
out of the cold, white snow
with your little brown beak,
like it’s a treasure hunt for you!

You are a sweet
little creature of the wild and
I enjoy watching your habits.
Dull colored little sparrow,
your feathers may be a boring brown color
but I find you a fascinating animal.
Thanks for being you!

Red-winged Blackbird
By: Ben James Harvey

Red-winged blackbird in the breeze
flying swiftly through the trees

The sounds and sights were great and vast

reminding him to keep on fast

His family was in the nest
he was bringing back a pest

Over garden, around a house
He really wouldn’t eat a mouse

Red-winged blackbird in the air
darting quickly everywhere!

Mallard Duck
Leah Beaudin

Mallard duck flying around the lake.
Mallard duck swimming in the wake.
Mallard duck diving for food.
Mallard duck what a cool dude.
Mallard duck waddling in the sand.
Mallard duck your life is so grand.
Mallard duck resting in the sun.
Mallard duck your life must be fun.
Mallard duck what a great day you had.

The Osprey  Poem
By Mary Jeanne Jarril

The Osprey soar high above.
When it is time to eat,
he will swoop and dive,

then catch the fish and gobble it up.
When he is done he will clean his talons
by washing them in the water.
The osprey is no rude raptor. He is polite.
When their eggs hatch their
creamy white eggs he and his mate will be
busy all night and day feeding the babies.
When the babies start to fledge and get their flight feathers
they will fly,fly fly until they can leave  the nest.