It’s Your Turn : What Happened to the Sign?

solar heatSusan Bloomquist, Nederland.  For most of the winter, the Solar Air Heater has been generating free heat to Nederland. The sign with the working SunnyTherm  demonstration unit was located at the Peak to Peak Animal Hospital on 2nd and Snyder Street.  One morning, the sign was gone!

BeeYond Gardening LLC has been operating out of the upstairs office in the Peak to Peak Animal Hospital,  BYG wanted to show you how Solar Collectors work with no input from fossil fuels. When the working demo for the SunnyTherm Solar Air heater was installed, the intake for the air was placed low to the ground, this got complicated when the ground was close to a dusty parking lot. We wanted the drivers and got the dirt! So, the Air System got clogged and performance was compromised.

The Solar Air Heating system is designed to operate as a closed loop with the air inside a building. Generally, this air is not as dusty as a parking lot. This does seem like an obvious detail in hindsight. BeeYond Gardening LLC is still operating in Nederland. Our products include the SunnyTherm Solar Hot Air heating unit, which is a modular system, sets of – 6,8,10 or 12 –  two foot square collectors are placed in any formation together to flow the air through. When the air reaches the blower to be delivered into the room, temperatures can range from 90-130 degrees.  In addition, the SunnyTherm modular units can be used to generate low heat in a greenhouse setting. We have developed an ultra small greenhouse using this technology. This greenhouse is somewhat similar to the My Terrace Farmer, but operates on very different principals. The MTF seeks to retain heat using a sophisticated exterior, the HOTBOX generates heat from a rock interior. BeeYond Gardening can also be consulted about , Bees!

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