Everybody’s Reading It : Fourth Grade Poetry


White Swan
(An Acrostic Poem)
by Blue Garcia-Paine

White as the stars, amazing creatures swans are
Habitats they have many, rivers, lakes, and forests
In the sky, they migrate, up high, and in the thousands
Things from the water they eat, like weeds, algae, and even rice
Environment is affected by human impact, like hunting
Swans can lay 5-9 eggs and have one day of nesting period
Wind and water, in lakes and in the skies you can find them
And their beaks can be orange or black, all beautiful
Nothing like watching a White Swan swim


Turkeys Turkeys
by Cutter

Turkeys turkeys they run all around to avoid hunters.
Being scaredy cats up in the trees not knowing what to do.
Just trying to not get on the dinner table over Thanksgiving
When everyone is hungry for turkey on the table ready to eat.




The Crane Poem
by Fynn Koonz

The crane is standing above others. Animals give respect
to the crane. Snakes slither away in fear. Crouching camo
egg. Red capped head. 1,000 feet flyer. Critically endangered.
Change diet every season. It’s so big the crane scares off enemies.



The Great Blue Heron
By Alex Jaffe

The Great Blue Heron is strong
long and tall has a dagger like
bill that is used to catch its prey
its eats fish some amphibians
and reptiles also many other
creatures you might find a
Great Blue Heron in marches
and wetlands and some others
places In migration season you
find a heron can travel from
south of Southern Canada to
south America if you find a Great
Blue Heron on her nest you will find that
it is made of small twigs sticks pine needles
and swamp grass if you see a Heron egg
it is light blue and the longer it sits there




Apex Predator
By Lauren Dirr

Run, scurry, sneak, hide
to be caught in the open
would be suicide,
ones viscera it will quickly divide

Keen of  sight,  powerful in flight
from its rocky perch it scans earthly features
during its stoop …. it is the swiftest of all creatures

A magnificent  hunter, born wild and free
but for centuries used for sport,  held in captivity




Mountain Bluebird
By Kyleigh McLaughlin

Momma bluebird sings
Out in mountain meadows
Under the shimmering sun
Nearby hatchlings
Try to take flight
And with hungry bellies
Insects they seek

Bluebird daddy takes watch duty
Little ones settle in for the night
Under the glowing fullmoon
Excited about morning
But sleepy from the day
In the morning, their mother will teach them how to fly
Right, left, right, left
Darting around the mountains

Grouse Poem
By Evelyn Gustafson

Grouse with a fancy mating call
Rest is what their wings prefer
On the tundra some may live
Usually Ruffed Grouse is who you see
Snowshoe feet, that is neat
Empty nest they have not, 14 eggs is a lot




Glen Kress

The blue jay steals egg.
He says his name thief thief thief.
Beautiful blue bird.