Trustees shape up for LiveWell

town hallJohn Scarffe, Nederland.  A representative of LiveWell Colorado stepped up for a presentation to the Nederland Board of Trustees during the Board’s regular meeting at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, March 15, 2016, at the Nederland Community Center. Julie George, director of HEAL Cities & Towns Campaign for LiveWell, presented the program and a sample resolution.

Cities and towns and their residents face increased health care costs and diminished quality of life due to the epidemic of obesity and overweight, according to background information. Municipal leaders across Colorado are addressing the crisis by implementing policies that increase opportunities for healthy eating and active living (HEAL).

The HEAL Cities & Towns Campaign began in 2012 when LiveWell Colorado received grant funding from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment and entered into a strategic partnership with the Colorado Municipal League (CML). The Campaign aims to reduce and prevent obesity by engaging municipal leaders to champion healthy eating and active living in their communities.

The campaign aims for adoption of policy and promotion of opportunities for residents and municipal employees. It also provides coaching and technical assistance to support this process, according to background.

All Colorado municipalities that adopt a resolution with goals to increase access to healthy eating and active living are eligible to be a HEAL city or town and become eligible for free technical assistance, education resources, public relations and marketing resources. Joining the Campaign designates and promotes towns as leaders in promoting healthy eating and active living among Colorado municipalities.

The first step in joining the Campaign is to pass a resolution. After showing a video, George told the Board that the organization has been around for six years. In 20 years things have changed quite a bit even in Colorado, but one in four people in Boulder County are overweight.

The program is free, George said, and a healthy workplace is one element of the program. “Having a healthy community can be positive where people are up and about and walking around and spending money.” Town residents can send an email or give George a call, and they will provide feedback for free.

Benefits include technical assistance and the latest CML magazine, which brings recognition for work the Town does, George said. Posters and newsletters about healthy living can use the Campaign logo.

The Town can get a plaque and participate in a summit every fall. In the past, the cost of $50 includes lodging for the summit and provides an opportunity to get staff members together. George said that staff members who walk together find out things that they wouldn’t know otherwise about goings on in their municipalities.

The campaign currently has 42 municipalities participating, George said. They are getting good coverage of the state, and participants so far include Lafayette, Northglenn, Milliken and La Junta, where the campaign wrote a letter of recommendation for a grant to get a trail system.

Trustee Kevin Mueller asked if the town could get a grant for showers in the Community Center. George responded that Littleton used money for staff showers, and the Campaign helped them get those.

Mayor Joe Gierlach said that Salida and Benett did a lot of stuff, and several small communities benefited a lot. Those included GOCO grants for trails and looking at things at High Schools.

“We’re already there, but it’s just a formalizing Vision 2020 and includes items from the Town’s sustainability resolution. A lot of these items are already a part of Board goals. Seems like a great fit.”

Responding to a question as to how the campaign measures success, George said it is different in every community. “We don’t dictate what you have to do. You just need to take the next step.”

Gierlach said the first step is to pass the resolution, and then we’re part of the club. George said: “Nederland embraces a lot of this, and it’s part of your culture. This just helps you get there.”

Nederland resident Chris Perret said he walked all the way up to the Community Center, and it’s a great thing for Nederland. Trustee Charles Wood asked if the resolution they were looking at was generated by LiveWell or Nederland residents.

Gierlach responded that HEAL has a template that has different check boxes for three goals. “I just took the template and applied 2020, the Sustainability Action Plan and NedZero.”

Wood said he likes the whole idea. “We have a lot of plans in town and most of these things are in them. It would be good for the new Board to own this. Then when it comes time to fund it they will own it.”

George replied that she is always glad to come back, and she is going to Walsenburg for a refresher. “The resolution is your guide. You can do more.”

Wood was concerned that if the Board approved it tonight they won’t revisit it with the new Board. Gierlach said the Town should use the template, join the program and pass the resolution. “That allows you to get these free services. That’s the key element.”

Mueller said the new Trustees always get past resolutions going back four years. “We ask new Board members to review those. We should be moving forward based on a policy.”

The Board approved the resolution with Wood first voting no and then changing his mind. In a related matter, the Board also approved a resolution declaring March 15 as Earth Day in Nederland.

The next meeting of the Nederland Board of Trustees will be on Tuesday, April 19, 2016, at 7 p.m. at the Nederland Community Center.

A resolution of the board of trustees of the Town of Nederland declaring Nederland a LiveWell HEAL town, and setting forth Nederland’s commitment to obesity prevention

Whereas, obesity has been identified by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment as one of ten winnable battles in Colorado; and
Whereas, the Colorado Municipal League’s Vision Statement acknowledges the importance of sustaining strong, healthy and vibrant cities and towns; and
Whereas, in November 2012, the Colorado Municipal League Board of Directors entered into a memorandum of understanding with LiveWell Colorado to work collaboratively on the HEAL Cities & Towns Campaign; and
Whereas, LiveWell Colorado is a nonprofit organization committed to preventing and reducing obesity in the state by promoting healthy eating and active living (HEAL) in the places we live, work, learn and play; and
Whereas, 56 percent of Colorado adults and 26.5 percent of our children are overweight or obese; and
Whereas, the adult obesity rate has doubled in Colorado since 1995 and, if trends continue, only 33 percent of Colorado adults will be a healthy weight by 2020; and
Whereas, over the past three decades, childhood obesity has tripled among school-aged children in the U.S.; and
Whereas, more children are being diagnosed with diseases linked to overweight and obesity previously seen only in adults, such as Type 2 diabetes and heart disease. The current generation of children are expected to have shorter lives than their parents due to the consequences of obesity; and
Whereas, the annual cost to Colorado — in medical bills, workers’ compensation and lost productivity — for overweight, obesity and physical inactivity exceeds $1.6 billion; and
Whereas, cities and towns have the ability to increase access to healthy eating and active living; and
Whereas, in September 2011, the Town of Nederland approved Resolution 2011-18 Accepting and Endorsing the Town of Nederland Envision 2020 Report and Vision Statement as Expressions of Community Vision; and
Whereas, Envision 2020 included a goal to focus planning and economic development activities on efforts that address connections to the outdoor environment, providing active, healthy lifestyles for people of all ages;
Whereas, Envision 2020 included community activities that include the entire community and provide opportunities for youth; and
Whereas, Envision 2020 included that the community ensures that its aging population remains healthy, fully-integrated and an active part of the community;
Whereas, in October 2011, the Town of Nederland approved Resolution 2011-21 for the Preservation of Nederland’s Character and Sustainability of its Community, known as the
Citizen’s Sustainability Resolution; and
Whereas, the Citizen’s Sustainability Resolution included that it is important for the Town of Nederland to encourage and actively support opportunities for a localized economy such as local food production; and
Whereas, the Citizen’s Sustainability Resolution included item c. to strive for all projects under its review to improve and support the health of the mountain region and ecosystem; and
Whereas, the Citizen’s Sustainability Resolution included item F to encourage a reduced consumption of industrialized animal products; and
Whereas, in September 2014, the Town of Nederland approved Resolution 2014-19 adopting the Sustainability Action Plan and incorporated it into its NedZero goals; and
Whereas, the Sustainability Action Plan devoted one of its eight major sections to Health and Wellness, which is focused on ways to encourage healthier lifestyles through better nutrition, activity and interactions; and
Whereas, the Sustainability Action Plan includes the following aspirational goals:
* Provide access to healthy living services for all residents in need
* In-town transport will be predominantly person-powered
* Continue to develop the community center as a focal point for wellness
*  Eliminate exposure to environmental toxicity
* Provide ample opportunities for responsible recreation.

Earth Day Proclamation
Earth Day 2016
Town of Nederland

Whereas the global community now faces extraordinary challenges, such as global health issues, food and water shortages, and economic struggles; and
Whereas all people, regardless of race, gender, income, or geography, have a moral right to a healthy, sustainable environment with economic growth; and
Whereas it is understood that the citizens of the global community must step forward and take action to create a green economy to combat the aforementioned global challenges; and
Whereas a green economy can be achieved on the individual level through educational efforts, public policy and consumer activism campaigns; and
Whereas it is necessary to broaden and diversify this global movement to achieve maximum success; and
Furthermore, let it be known that the Town of Nederland hereby encourages its residents, businesses and institutions to use Earth Day to celebrate the Earth and commit to building a sustainable and green economy;
Now therefore be it resolved, the Town of Nederland hereby pledges this Earth Day,
April 22, 2016, to support green economy initiatives in the Town of Nederland and to encourage others to undertake similar actions.
Resolved, approved and adopted this 15th day of March, 2016.