Mountain Spirit Astrology : Destiny

Ineluctable fate is defined in astrology by the point of destiny, symbolized by the head of the dragon. The past is seen as the dragon’s tale. The head of the matter shows us where we should place our attention for maximum benefit.MtnEarTemp2008

Currently, destiny is favoring Virgo, underlined by the lucky planet Jupiter also visiting this sign. Virgo directs us to invigorate our diets, our health regimes and exercise plans. Organization and meticulous awareness of details will also further our cause.

Aries- The dragon is the ancient image for fate. The head of the mythological beast directs our attention. At present, Virgo is the sign who will bring results. You are expert at physical activity, so add accurate monitoring of details for maximum success in any sports area that you have.

Taurus- Fortune is favoring Virgo, which is beneficial for Taurus as well. Your fellow earth sign is promising goodies for you in the realm of romance. Your creativity could blossom like Spring flowers this season, as you water your projects with care and meticulous attention to detail.

Gemini- Your home flourishes and shines with your spring cleaning efforts. Every file cabinet and closet that you bring under the control of Virgo’s rule of law and order, provides a foundation for your future ventures. Take time to cherish your home as well as to clean it.

Cancer- The message from the dragon of fate to you is to place yourself in the center of your life. You are expert at nurturing others and allowing them to be front and center in your life. Now why not place yourself as the most important person in all that you do for a while.

Leo- Now that you have survived your encounter with the taxman, this is a fine time to consider how you would like to spend or invest the excess funds you have accumulated. Virgo, the current direction of fate, will allow you to research painstakingly before you invest, with due diligence.

Virgo- Fortune favors Virgo. The dragon’s head, the ineluctable symbol of fate, is currently in your sign, as well as Jupiter, the big lucky planet. Therefore, this is a fine time for you to start new ventures, or amplify existing projects, and find new pathways for continuing efforts.

Libra- You could clean the attic, relieve an overstuffed closet, or schedule that appointment with the doctor, or dentist, or physical therapist, or masseuse that you know you have needed to address. Areas of your life that are not visible are best acknowledged under Virgo’s direction.

Scorpio- Scorpions appreciate when Virgo is giving directions to the signs of the zodiac, in the role of the dragon of fate, because this sign knows what it is doing. You are certainly a sign that knows that the passage to the future is the foundation that you establish in the present.

Sagittarius- The perfection of your public persona is favored at present under the perspicacious persistence of the sign of Virgo. The stars give a pathway for humans to work with irresistible fate. Virgo will assist your volunteer efforts with the library, or children, or the environment.

Capricorn- Passageways to your future are provided by your higher mind, under the direction of Virgo, in the guise of the dragon of fate. You may choose a vision quest, or journeying through western slot canyons, or a challenging educational opportunity to move you to your next phase.

Aquarius- An intense reintroduction to your own intriguing self is underway, now that the dragon of fate is directing your future. Meet yourself on the highways and byways of the west this summer, driving toward the great arches and mystic canyons of your future and your self.

Pisces- The mysterious other people in your life are holding certain keys that will allow you to unfold your future. The symbol of fate in astrology as well as the planet of great good fortune, Jupiter, are both in your opposite sign, Virgo. Partnerships are to your benefit at present.

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