Easter bunny lays eggs on ball field

teens inc 3    Barbara Lawlor, Nederland.  When the children clambered out of their vehicles in the parking lot of the TEENS Inc., building on Saturday morning, they snuck a quick glance at Guercio Ball Field and even the older kids couldn’t help but gasp.

Hundreds of yellow, pink, blue, purple and green eggs speckled the baseball diamond. They were just lying there on top of the snow, ripe for the picking.

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First everyone had to gather inside for instructions. The older bunch of egg pickers were assigned to the ball field. Younger children stayed inside and peeked into the room for the youngest of kids. More eggs nestled in bookshelves, on top of corners, on chairs and under tables.

Kids aged from six months toddled or were carried into the room, their eyes wide, not quite sure what was going on.

teens inc 7Their parents or older siblings demonstrated how to grab the eggs before anyone else did and put them in their Easter baskets. It was a slow process. The little ones held the egg and observed it. Some tried to bite through the shell and some offered their egg to someone else. When parents pried the two halves of the egg open, the children laughed and now, getting the picture crawled after other orbs.

At a much greater speed the older kids ran over the snow-covered field outside and grabbed as many eggs as fast as they could, plunking them into their baskets that filled to the brim.

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Inside the eggs surprises waited to see daylight. There was candy, and sticker tattoos, and rings that lit up in different hues. Some of the eggs contained golden tickets that lead to the special prizes that the children could chose.

Once every egg, we would hope, was found, the fun continued inside. The teens had set up an egg dying table with dozens of eggs already hard-boiled for them to decorate, with all kinds of stickers, stands, ears, glitter and eyeballs. While many of the children were engrossed in this project, another group of kids were plunging head first, sideways, or somersaulting into the foam pit. When one of the faces slipped below the turquoise surface, other children came to the rescue, yanking the sunken child out by their arms, legs or pants. Socks were often left behind.

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The annual Easter egg hunt at the teen center was a perfect activity on the chilly, snow-covered day.

Barbara Lawlor

Barbara is a reporter for The Mountain-Ear.