Distant Star Astrology : Aries

MtnEarTemp2008Aries is the sign of the cult of the self and the cultivation of uniqueness. Aries begins the entire zodiac and introduces the Vernal Equinox. Spring arrives and with it the rebirth of the self. The ancients appreciated the vitality of the ram.

Mercury, the symbol of ideas, and Uranus, who represents thinking outside of the box, are also in the first sign of the zodiac. This is the moment in the stars when you can embrace everything that is special and unique about you.

Aries- Happy Birthday, Aries. You have brought Spring to the zodiac, with water and snow everywhere, watering our ideas about the astrological year ahead. Career blossoms for you in the months to come, so this is a fine time for you to consider your options in the world around you.

Taurus- Believe it or not, now that Aries is the sign in the center of the stars, you are next to have birthdays. You have ended a challenging Saturn phase, that provoked a lot of growth for you, particularly in the arena of partnership. In the astro year ahead, your relationships will blossom.

Gemini- The quicksilver messenger and the symbol of genius are sitting next to each other in a conference room in the stars over the next few weeks. Mercury, the brainiac, and Uranus, the geniac, both in individualistic Aries, will chart an intelligent course for you in the season ahead.

Cancer- Now that spring is here, summer cannot be far behind. You will bring summer in at the start of your birthday cycle. Aries and the Spring Equinox place you in the public eye. This is a fine week for you to refine your public image, centering around what you want to accomplish.

Leo- The lion has been awakened from his den by the sounds of early spring. You are ready to leap forward and pounce on your goals. The astrological year ahead is a fine one for the lions. Right now you like who you are and you are planning where you want to go in 2016.

Virgo- Jupiter, the good luck planet of the stars, continues with you until mid-September, expanding your universe. At present, he is tempered by cautious Saturn, who is demanding that every movement forward will be the exact step that you want to take, with careful precision.

Libra- All of these planets in Aries, the sign of the individual, are opposite Libra, the sign of partnership. You are striving to have everyone’s voices heard, and for all to have equal say in the decisions being made. You are the scales of balance, and that is quite a skill to have right now.

Scorpio- Aries is leaping around the mountain peaks, awakening everyone to the promise of the Spring Equinox. This is traditionally a busy time for you, with career projects quickening, and activity everywhere in your life. Remember to take some time out of your schedule for you.

Sagittarius- Inspiration and ideas are flowing for the fire sign of Sagittarius now that the fires of Spring are being awakened by Aries. Both combative Mars and hard-working Saturn are in your sign now, so remember that strategies and tact will win the day for you during the month ahead.

Capricorn- Aries is here and that sign brings the start of Spring. The ram is both inspirational and hard-headed, the bringer of the new season. The same statement could be made about you; so find strategies that allow you to turn this turn of the season into a win-win situation for all.

Aquarius- Let’s talk about the brain, with its billions of neurons that make trillions of connections with each other. In astrology, it is considered brilliant when Mercury, the regular mind, combines with your genius ruler, Uranus. Grab this combination, which is happening now.

Pisces- Let’s talk about the heart, with its endless capacity for kindness and compassion. In astrology, it is considered to be a heart-warming moment when Venus, earthly love, combines with your intuitive ruler, Neptune. Open your arms, because this is happening right now.

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