Business Short Takes : Pinnacle Housekeeping

PINNACLEA New Rollinsville Based Cleaning Company

Tanya Unger, Rollinsville.  Just in time for spring-cleaning please welcome a new, woman owned, Rollinsville based cleaning business serving the Peak-to-Peak mountain communities and the Boulder foothills area!  At Pinnacle Housekeeping we specialize in regular residential home, vacation rental, move in/move out, commercial events and construction cleaning.  You can reach us at 404.333.4580.

Let me introduce myself, my name is Tanya Unger.  I am the owner and operator of Pinnacle Housekeeping.  I enjoy cleaning houses for several active customers and know I can make a positive impact on your home or business in just one day.

In the fall of 2011 I moved to the mountains from Lafayette, Colorado.  One morning I saw a news report.  A veteran had to call 9-1-1 to get groceries.  He still lives independently and like most of us in the hills, doesn’t want that to change, but he needs help getting around to do errands and chores.  That is when a profound feeling of inspiration hit and I was called to action.  I knew in that moment that I could help people by setting up a housekeeping business.

In an effort to assist others who have limited time to enjoy their children and family or to decompress and relax, I’ve started Pinnacle Housekeeping.  You don’t have to pre-clean or be embarrassed and apologize for the mess – that’s why I’m here.

At Pinnacle Housekeeping we are fast and thorough and we do not sacrifice quality for speed.  I’d prefer to stay a little longer and ensure the job is complete per my high standards rather than cut corners to satisfy the clock.  What are my high standards?  We clean everything top to bottom and all the way around the room from the cobwebs to the baseboards and floors.  As a valued customer your priorities trump my priorities – it is your home and I will clean it your way.  Of course I do like to interject time saving tips from the trade.

Order of operations is quite important and can help save time and money!  I will work within your budget to handle your housekeeping priorities.  Need little extras like filling the dog water, getting the dead leaves out of the potted plants, bringing in the paper, or sweeping the front patio?  Just let us know and we’ll put that on the list of priorities for your home and ensure your cleaning exceeds your expectations every time.

We value your privacy!  Privacy is important, especially in a small community. We do not disclose our client list and we certainly do not discuss client issues outside of the need to strategize and prioritize cleaning. We offer a quiet, courteous and professional cleaning services.

We clean and sterilize our equipment every night to avoid cross contamination. If you have an allergy or aversion to a certain cleaning product just let us know and we’ll use what you prefer.  I prefer to use natural products.

As Pinnacle Housekeeping grows into the future I am looking to provide all local, all natural products unless a homeowner product is requested.  Coming from roots in environmental clean-up, I’ve always had a natural tendency to try and reduce environmental impact, especially to the water supply.  While I have traditionally used natural products, I’m working to ensure I’m using the best local natural products I can.  Additionally, I’d like to expand Pinnacle Housekeeping to include services like running errands and partnering with in home care providers to ensure your day to day needs are met.

Spring-cleaning time is here.  At Pinnacle Housekeeping, I am running a special $20 discount for newly signed up regular cleaning customers.  Want to come home to a staycation paradise, put your feet up and relax?  Give us a call and we’ll take care of the mess!

Find us on Facebook for cleaning rates, tips, and special discounts at Pinnacle Housekeeping.  Email  or call 404.333.4580 to set up a free estimate or initial cleaning.