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MtnEarTemp2008Vital Aries

Aries is the vital first sign of the zodiac, and the start of Spring. This vigorous sign has as its ruling planet Mars, the symbol of energy and sports. Mars reverses every two years, and this year the process broadly starts mid-February and finishes mid-August.

Mars begins his backward motion in the sign of Sagittarius, asking us to examine our value systems and core philosophies, intriguing in an election year. He then backs into Scorpio, the power sign of transformation, allowing us to make changes in our direction in life.

Aries- Happy birthday to all vital Aries. Thursday features the new moon in your sign, with the Sun and Moon holding hands. This is a fine time for you to map the new territory that you wish to conquer in the year ahead. The new moon is the official start to your astrological year ahead.

Taurus- Although it is hard to believe, in the spring training circles of the perpetual motion of the stars, you’re the next batter up. The Sun will enter your sign on the 19th, so finish any unfinished business that you have before you need to pick up the bat and head to the batter’s circle.

Gemini- Opposites attract and they repel. Not only is Saturn, the teacher, in your opposite sign, Sagittarius, but Mars, who will actually reverse later this month, is there as well. You are in the unique position of strengthening boundaries and deciding with whom you choose to relate.

Cancer- The Moon Children like to watch the twelve new moons, in turn, throughout the year. This week features the Sun and Moon connecting in vigorous, vital Aries, enlivening your arenas of career and public performance. Aries says that life is all about you, that you are the center.

Leo- Triple fire on the mountain for the lions this week. You are a creature of fire, and on Thursday the Sun and Moon both join together in the new moon of the fires of Spring. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, so this week should be all about you and what you want to do.

Virgo- Finances come to the fore during the week ahead. Tax day and the tax man or woman loom ahead. Everyone knows that only two things are certain in life, and one of them is featured on April 15th. You might as well get your finances in order while pleasing the authorities too.

Libra- You marched off the astrological ark with Aries, the sign now in the center of the stars over four thousand years ago, during the dawn of time.  Partnership is your natural theme, accented by this week’s new moon in Aries, so look for romantic interludes up ahead.

Scorpio- Scorpio and money go together naturally. This astrologer calls the sign OPM, short for other people’s money. You are in charge of inheritance, investment, and taxes. Tax is the big word for this month, so you might as well straighten up and fly right in the revenue realm.

Sagittarius- The fire element is the theme this week, with the new moon in your fellow fire sign, Aries, occurring on Thursday. The Sun and Moon in the sign of the rugged individual encourages you to be you and to celebrate everything about you that is unique and unusual.

Capricorn- The new moon in Aries celebrates the fires of Spring. Uniqueness is one of the big themes for your home this week. Look around and appreciate your digs. Remember how you acquired all of the mementos and furniture and decorating ideas. Think what you need next.

Aquarius- Big thinking Aquarius appreciates big personality Aries. There is a lot there to appreciate this week, because the first sign of the zodiac is celebrating its annual new moon on Thursday, with both the Sun and Moon in Aries. Ideas are zooming into your mind for 2016.

Pisces- According to astrological theory, the sign that follows yours, and in your case that would be exuberant Aries, allows you to map out your strategies for the year ahead. Thursday is a fine day for this activity, with the new moon starting the year ahead for the sign of Spring, Aries.

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