NMSHS Choir rings out

choir  festival hands      Barbara Lawlor, Nederland.  About 70 Nederland Middle/ Senior High School students joined voices that blended and harmonized in classical, pop, and a Millennium Mega Mix last Wednesday night. The students, sixth grade through 12th grade, sang with such fervor and fun that one minute the audience was stunned by the beauty of the arrangements and the next minute they were laughing at the antics of students as they expressed themselves with voices and body language.

choir  long line

The NMSHS Spring Choir Concert included a spaghetti dinner and theater entertainment which gave individual students a chance to strut their stuff and choose their own songs. One group, which included Charlie Rawlings, Julia Giecold, Sarah Feeley, Bay Morrish, Paul Masters, Taylor Bradley, and Ella Mueller, came up with a Grease Medley that had the audience singing along to the revived musical.

choir festival

Beginning with the Festival Choir, the concept featured medleys of songs. Next to Norma is a choral medley which included “I Am the One,” “Superboy and the Invisible Girl,” “I’m Alive” and “Light.” Between songs, there was some switching around so all of the students had a chance to be up front, in the spot light.

choir good girls dance

As usual, the concert was directed by music director Liz Evans, who has spent decades looking for and finding the talent that lives in our children. She has a way of coaxing out a note, then a whole lyric and suddenly a student has found his or her voice. In some cases, finding a voice has led to a career in music.

choir long line

The seventh and eighth grade choirs performed a medley from “Rent” which involved some lively choreography and bit solos that showcased the up and coming skills growing on the NMSHS stage.

choir group

From the Festival Choir came the Spring Awakening Medley including an inspiring version of “I Don’t Do Sadness.” There is a message in most of the chosen songs and to have these teens singing to their parents and friends to be positive and happy was refreshing and filled with the hope that sustains all of us.

The sixth graders were exuberant, hamming it up for the spotlight and their joy was infectious as they sang “One More Time a Mega Mix for the Millennium.”

choir  three sinngers

A final presentation by the Loquations, NMSHS’s competition choir, was a preview of what the top singers would do in their upcoming trip to New York, where they have always been successful. This year 11 Loquations will make the trip. Their performance included, “Pai vo le loup,” “Prayer of Children,” “Sicut Cervus” and an impassioned “Vincent,” or “Starry, Starry Night.”

Attending a NMSHS concert is uplifting, making one feel that there is hope for the future in a world that supports and appreciates the talent of our young people.

Barbara Lawlor

Barbara is a reporter for The Mountain-Ear.