Astrology : Pisces Line-Up

MtnEarTemp2008Six planets and points are packed up in the perfect perspicacious and peaceful sign of Pisces. The talent of this combined Pisces group is shared with us: he Sun is efficacious, Mercury is intuitive, Venus is compassionate, Neptune is multi-dimensional, Chiron is healing and the destiny point leads us into our future.

As Pisces would say, life is a present, requiring only our presence. During the week ahead you have the opportunity to activate the gifts that this line-up is bestowing upon all of us. The Sun enters Aries on Palm Sunday and Wednesday hosts the first lunar eclipse of the year.

Aries- This is the ideal week for you to heal and release your past under the direction of a massive grouping of planets in Pisces. Then, fresh and clear you can begin your birth year on the Spring Equinox on Sunday, when both you and the entire astrological year begin anew.

Taurus- A celebrated wood carving from Medieval times portrays an ancient astrologer pulling back the curtain from daily life to show the workings of the cosmos from behind the scenes. The large group of planets in Pisces this week is serving that role for you, revealing your future.

Gemini- Mercury, your clever ruler, is joining in with the large group of planets featured this week in Pisces.  This line-up is ready, willing and able to be put to work in your life. In addition to being smart, you will find that you are also compassionate and intuitive at this time.

Cancer- All of these planets in Pisces bring creativity to the surface for you. This is a good week for you to reinvigorate your artistic projects. As a Moon Child, you will also note that the first lunar eclipse of the year occurs on the 23rd, bringing you insights about your relationships.

Leo- Given that you are involved in complicated projects, at home and at work, you will find that you appreciate the intuition and grace pouring into your psyche, arriving from the cosmos this week. All of these planets in Pisces will allow you to put worldly efforts into perspective.

Virgo- Your opposite sign of partnerships, Pisces, is putting on a cosmic production this week. The big line-up of planets will allow you to integrate compassion into your relationships. You can trust your intuition to lead you forward in the days ahead, as you forge new bonds.

Libra-  Hold on to your hat this week, Libra. Not only is there a massive intuitive group of planets in Pisces, but the start of your opposite season, Spring, and an eclipse that activates your sign. Fresh insights are flowing to you about how to conduct your close relationships.

Scorpio- Romance arrives in the year ahead. All of these planets in Pisces this week are asking you to envision the sort of peaceful, loving relationships that you would like to engender in the year ahead. You will find that your intuition is really an ally for you in the days to come.

Sagittarius- Resistance is futile. Mars and Saturn in your sign want to hold on to relationship patterns. All of the planets piled up in Pisces this week are lobbying for the integrate of intuition and compassion in your partnerships. All of these fish will bring heart energy to your life.

Capricorn- A cascade of fascinating information is flooding into the sign of Capricorn. You are integrating a fresh approach to relationships and business. The astrological events this week – a compassionate group of Pisces planets, the Spring Equinox, and the eclipse assist you.

Aquarius- The sign before yours allows you to implement your plans for the year. Pisces is taking the task seriously this week, with a massive group of fish swimming your way. Your inherent geniac of the zodiac role is activated massively, so swim along with the fish.

Pisces- Thanks for all the fish, Pisces. The massive group of planets in your sign will allow you to form a template for the big swim that you have ahead in 2016. Intuition will lead the way as you dive into the ocean of your future, with all of the planets as your allies in the week ahead.

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