Mountain Spirit Astrology : Pisces

MtnEarTemp2008Karen Anderson, Peak to Peak.  Pisces swims to the center of the stars. The last sign of the zodiac is now first. The ruling planet for the fish is Neptune, who entered Pisces for the first time in 144 years in 2011. The ruler of the deep will be your ally until 2025.

Mercury is now in his genius position, in Aquarius, until March 5th, allowing all of us to be able to think outside of the box and arrive at innovative solutions.  Pisces provides the heart and Aquarius the brains for the week ahead.

Aries- Mars, the god of exercise and sports, your personal fitness coach in life, is now in his favorite sign, Scorpio. The coach will increase your expertise. You have extreme endurance on your side until March 6th, so enter the marathon of your choice, in any sport, on any terrain.

Taurus- Not only is the super intuitive sign of Pisces at the center of the stars, but brainy Mercury is visiting Aquarius as well. This is a fine time for you to envision your next few months’ progress. This week you can look into your future and decide where you want to go.

Gemini- As though offering a celestial apology for the challenging retrograde cycle that you have just negotiated, your ruling planet, Mercury is now in his favorite bonafide genius position. The messenger is in Aquarius until March 5th, allowing you to invent a better everything.

Cancer- Anyone for a swim? A swim in the cosmos, that is. You are the Moon Children, the sign of the seas, and now oceanic Pisces, your aquatic twin, is in the center of the stars. Why not plan a vacation somewhere warm and watery with your favorite swimming partner in the future?

Leo- The lions are ready for a swim in the ocean of commerce. Pisces, the sign of the oceans, is now in the center of the stars. Your opposite sign, clever Aquarius, has thoughtful Mercury as an ally. Life is saying to you that this is a good time to jump into the waters and work well.

Virgo- Pisces, your astrological partner, has now entered the center of the stars. You will be popular and in demand over the month ahead. Remember to rule like royalty, rather than attempt to take care of everything for everyone in the kingdom. In other words, have a good time.

Libra- Venus, your girl Friday in the zodiac, is now in Aquarius, and she is suddenly very social, political, and all about networking. Find friends and get involved in a part of life calling to you at this time, which will be rewarding. You will find yourself active, attractive and in demand.

Scorpio- Water, water everywhere. You are, of course, a water sign. The new center of the zodiac, Pisces, is from the ocean, a water sign as well. You will feel emotionally rejuvenated over the month ahead, and you could find that cupid still remains on the scene for you.

Sagittarius- Saturn, who has to do with career and the external world, entered your sign for the first time in 29 years in September. However, now that the Sun is in Pisces, you could start to remember how much fun it is to spend some time in your own home, renewing your energy.

Capricorn- Fresh ideas are flowing to the mountain goats. First of all, when the Sun is in Pisces you always come up with a new look for yourself, your business, or your home. Clever Mercury zooming forward will bring you the innovations you seek over the week ahead.

Aquarius- The Sun has moved on. He always does. However, clever Mercury and social Venus are still in the sign of Aquarius. Innovative ideas flow to you now that the symbol of the mind, the messenger, is in your sign, his favorite, until March 5th. Open your mind to new ideas.

Pisces- Happy Birthday, Pisces! The Sun is shining on your sign and your celebrations. Neptune, your ruler, continues to allow you to design the reality that you want. Luck comes to you in the form of friends and associates with innovative ideas for your career, or for home decoration.

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